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9 reasons for burglars to choose your home

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Home invasion is a big concern these days and it leaves many people asking the question why me?. We don't ever want you to be in the position where you are picking up the pieces after a burglary and wondering what you did to deserve such a huge life upheaval, so we have discovered some of the top reasons why crooks choose the houses they do, to rob. We're going to tell you the reasons and suggest a solution as well, so shall we get started? 

1. If your expensive car is on show.

Having an impressive car say out on your driveway will be a beacon to potential burglars, as they'll assume that you have a lot of cash and little idea of how to protect your assets. A great way to hide your wealth a little more is to build a garage that keeps your car out of sight and shows that you have a handle on security.

2. Your garden is filled with expensive touches.

We know that you want to make the most of your garden, but maybe pare things back a little in terms of expensive embellishments! Instead of having pricey water fountains, designer furniture and koi carp in your pond, why not keep things really simple at the front of the house and keep all the good stuff in the back?

3. Your balcony is easy to climb onto.

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A balcony is a wonderful touch of luxury for any home, but it could also offer savvy burglars an easy entrance to your home. If you really want a balcony, be sure that there are no structural elements close-by, which could be used as a climbing aid. Guttering is a key thing to consider here and we would even paint the house with anti-grip paint too!

4. You have everything on show.

An open-plan home is delightful, as is having a lot of glazing, but this also acts as a real life catalogue of what you own! If burglars can peer into your home and see absolutely everything in one glance, they will be spoilt for choice and unable to resist breaking in. By all means have the aesthetic you want, but include blinds or curtains as well, so you can block put nosey parkers when you aren't in!

5. There's no visible security.

If your facade doesn't have an alarm box on it, burglars will know that they would have an uninterrupted spree in your home! One of the best deterrents, an alarm system will prevent most break-ins from happening, but in the unlikely event that one does occur, it will be cut VERY short by an alarm going off!

6. You haven't invested in CCTV.

In addition to no alarm systems, burglars always look for homes that have no visible signs of CCTV being fitted. There isn't a crook on the planet that wants their face to be recognised, so even if you only buy a really simple video system from a CCTV company, it will really put unwanted visitors off!

7. Your windows aren't lockable.

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Marvin's Bespoke Aluminium Clad Wood Casement Windows

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If you have standard windows throughout your home that can't be locked, burglars will be able to spot them a mile off! Anything that doesn't click shut properly can be 'jimmied' open with something as simple as a butter knife and when you think about how easy it is to swap out your handles for something with a key, you'd be crazy not to at least consider it!

8. Your front door looks easy to open.

Do you know which front doors are the easiest to open? Those with glass panels! While they might look terrifically stylish and modern, they are also an unofficial 'welcome' sign to burglars, who will think nothing of smashing through and grabbing what they can. If you really want glass, at least consider frosted panes, which won't display your belongings like a supermarket and get your CCTV aimed at the porch!

9. It's left empty all day.

Finally, an empty home is a potentially burgled home. In a lot of cases, burglars will scope out a property, to get a feel for the routines of the people that live there, so try to mix up your schedule a little. Plus, having lights fitted with timers is a fantastic idea, as it will make it look as though somebody is inside, even nobody is!

For more home security tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Selecting your security gates.

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