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Effortlessly elegant living room furniture

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Anna Wrona Classic style living room
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The desire to create a beautiful and elegant house is understandable but can bring with it certain pressures to include the right items. Living rooms, in particular, are areas which come under incredible scrutiny thanks to them playing host to guests and being a regularly used space, meaning that choosing the right elegant living room furniture becomes incredibly important. If you don't like what you select, you will be looking at it for a long time and frequently, so take a look at our suggestions for effortlessly elegant living room furniture installations.

Light the way

Nothing quite speaks of elegant decorating taste like a statement light fixture. This example, though terrifically ornate, works well due to the understated nature of the rest of the room and brings a touch of laid back elegance to a communal space. Elegant living room furniture need not only refer to sofas and tables, so be sure to pay attention to smaller, easily overlooked facets too, such as lighting. Here you will see that the large central piece is stylishly supported by numerous smaller wall-mounted lamps, which ties the theme together seemingly effortlessly.

Brilliant bookcases

Let's be totally honest; an 80’ plasma television will never be considered as elegant living room furniture, but a perpetually chic and classy installation is a series of bookcases. Shown here, wooden bookshelves add a quiet and understated elegance to any room, especially when they have been designed and fitted so unobtrusively. By being set back into the wall cavity, floor space has not been reduced, allowing for the inclusion of a medium-sized seating suite. Effortless, chic and practical.

Making use of space

Elegant living room furniture will always seek to utilise and embellish available space, without encroaching into areas that need to be kept clear for accessibility and practicality. This small but perfectly formed sofa demonstrates how even a diminutive wall recess can be used to good effect and that a bold wall covering can be paired with stylish upholstery to retain elegance and class. Though the word elegant may conjure images of regal estates filled with antiques, it is a decorating style preference that can be put to wonderful effect in any property, large or small.

Natural and neutral

Neutral tones and natural materials are both synonymous with elegance and frequently paired together in chic rooms. This example from Studio Forma perfectly demonstrates exactly how light muted tones, in conjunction with natural materials, such as wood, create an effortlessly welcoming ambience and a room that looks unquestionably high-end. A welcome splash of colour comes from the flowers on the coffee table and the dark wood table offers a sharp contrast to the influx of cream, allowing the rest of the elegant living room furniture to gently blend into the surroundings.

Lived-in and looking good

Don't be fooled into thinking that elegance has to mean new! Elegance is, in essence, a very subjective notion, with everyone having a different opinion as to what constitutes it, but we think you will agree that this room has an elegance all of its own. The used leather sofa, complimenting the smaller tub chair, looks as though it has been there for decades and exudes a quiet yet definite sense of purpose and authority. The rest of the furnishings all seem to focus on complimenting the sofa, which they do, creating a harmonious, comfortable and above all else, elegant space. Elegant living room furniture can be new, old or upcycled, it's what you do with it and where you place it that makes all the difference.

Scandinavian seduction

Certain styles and design genres are gaining momentum and Scandinavian inspired furniture is one such innovation. The clean lines, deceptively simplistic designs and exposed wood that have become synonymous with Scandinavian furniture have caught the eye of many homeowners looking to furnish their abodes elegantly and with minimal fuss. This chair and table encompass everything that Scandinavian furniture has come to be associated with and thanks to sympathetically minimalist surroundings, they look effortlessly chic. Elegant living room furniture needs to work well within its environment, or its inherent class will be lost due to a feeling of displacement.

Gorgeous glass

Glass will forever be a material that is so flexible that it has a place within every home. For those looking to install elegant living room furniture, a glass coffee table is a wonderful addition, especially if placed on top of a perfectly finished or beautifully decorated floor. In this example, a stunning dark wood floor has been accentuated with a pretty rug, which can be viewed through the table. By not distracting from stunning features but instead accentuating them, this room enjoys a quiet elegance that cannot be denied or easily beaten.

Careful colour scheme

If you are asked to picture an elegant living room, what do you see? It's not a medley of rainbow hues all in one space is it? Most likely, you are thinking of something relatively monochromatic, such as this stunning example.  Here, the selective colour scheme favours dark brown, black, white, cream and gold only, all of which work beautifully together. The simplicity of such a colour scheme is what makes it so chic and the elegant living room furniture, such as that wonderful wingback chair and ornate cabinet, elevate the space from homely to high-end. 

Music maestro

If you are fortunate enough to play piano, installing a beautiful instrument into your living room brings timeless elegance that harks back to a time almost forgotten. Once were the days that many people would have a piano in their home, though potentially a little less grand than this one, but now that has become something of a rarity, they are a fun way to inject a little personality and elegance into a space. Don't fret though; if you can't play piano but love the look, there are no rules to say that you cannot have one! Elegant living room furniture should bring joy and sophistication to a room, so follow your style instincts.

Subtle colour splash

If monochrome or muted tones are not quite you, how about injecting some personality into your living room with an accent colour? Seen here with the yellow cushions, an injection of one bright colour, in small doses, accentuates the understated nature of the rest of the room and eloquently highlights the inherent elegance. Elegant living room furniture does not need to be boring by any means, it merely needs to work well within the location it is placed in and not look disjointed or mismatched. The modular nature of the sofa in this example perfectly mirrors the table and the stark lines of the venetian blinds, which makes the bright yellow cushions a softer and welcome addition that doesn't detract from the overall chic effect.

For more elegant living inspiration, take a look at the following ideabook: Elegant living in Surrey.

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