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Traditional living room furniture, as a design style, can conjure up images of old fashioned and outdated pieces, but this does not need to be the case. Traditional can merely allude to styles which have withstood the test of time to become home essentials and those which offer a nostalgic sense of familiarity and homeliness.

Take a look at the following traditional living room furniture ideas and see if you can be tempted to bring something tried and tested into your home.

Rural traditional

A stunning room, you could hardly consider this to be old fashioned or unstylish! Reminiscent of a traditional farmhouse interior, thanks the traditional living room furniture such as the large comfortable sofa, foot stool and log basket, this communal room offers warmth and a happy ambience that is sure to appeal to everyone. Thankfully, you no longer need a rural retreat to take inspiration from rooms such as this and a country style chic could be applied to even the most modern of houses.

Bring on the books

At first glance, this looks to be a very modern room, with a stunning floor, beautiful leather suite and modern book storage, but look again and you will see that the theme, as a whole, has tied together beautifully to be reminiscent of old fashioned reading rooms. The use of a leather sofa and wingback chair, though modern in design, brings an old world chic to the room and just looking at this picture is enough to evoke scent memories of leather and wood. Traditional living room furniture can be placed into a modern setting and still bring a sense of vintage glamour without looking outdated.

Auspiciously antique

Though traditional doesn't necessarily HAVE to be connected to antique or elaborate styling, the option is there for it to be exactly so. Here we can see a stunning room, filled with antique, traditional living room furniture to create a sense of wealth and grandeur. The room works so well as a whole because everything has been given consideration, even down to the glass door panels mirroring the ornate qualities of the suspended lights. The use of a simple colour scheme has also elevated the status of the room, with the muted tones perfectly offsetting the gold accents.

Heavenly hybrid

Glance quickly at this example and you may only see traditional styling, but look closely and you will see that this living room is the perfect combination of modern and traditional elements cleverly working together to create something very special indeed. If a fully traditional room feels a little much for you, choosing a fresh colour scheme, such as the cream and silver evident in the Prestigious Textiles wallpaper, brings an edgier vibe and allows for the seamless integration of modern modular furniture, such as the sofa pictured here. Coupled with the traditional living room furniture, such as the side tables and large fireplace mantle, newer pieces allow for a far more relaxed atmosphere and welcoming ambience.

A place for everything

This stunning room is a wonderful example of just why traditional living room furniture continues to be so popular with modern homemakers. Far from looking old fashioned or outdated, every piece of furniture here has a purpose, whether it's to display a lamp, to be sat on, to be played or to display books. Nothing is extraneous to the overall aesthetic of the room, leaving it uncluttered but still undeniably homely. For a minimalist approach, the room could be adapted, removing tables and the piano, but as it stands, it brings a little bit of the old into a stunning new room.

Built-in books

Nothing quite says traditional living room furniture like a large bookcase does it? It makes perfect sense when you consider that before the days of television, books were the only real source of entertainment and so including a large bookcase into your lounge space is a natural and organic way of injecting a little traditional flavour. They can be adapted to suit your decorating scheme and even modernised, but the essence of them remains old world-like and they bring a sense of familiarity and solidarity to any room.

Animal magic

We may be out of the caves, but there is nothing wrong with bringing the styling with us! Animal skins still offer a timeless elegance and whether used as an upholstering option, a rug or even for cushions, they inject some fabulous life into traditional living room furniture. The armchair featured here not only looks stunning, it screams of old school glamour, despite being relatively modern in design and would not look out of place in any house. Similarly, the throw and cushions also look timeless and traditional. To go a step further, the inclusion of a rug would really tie the whole traditional theme together.

Stylishly sympathetic

Take a look at the architecture of this room. The arches and exposed block work necessitate a sympathetic approach to decorating and that is exactly what has been undertaken. Clearly, an ultra modern, minimalist look would not work here, so instead, traditional living room furniture, such as a large mantle and huge sofas, have been installed. By remaining true to the nature of the building itself, the styling here looks less traditional and more natural, allowing the organic beauty of the room to shine through. This is what makes traditional styling so versatile; when done well, it blends into the surroundings, choosing to play a supporting role rather than vying for centre stage. 

Small but mighty

What if you have a terrifically modern house, but you want to include little traditional touches here and there? Traditional living room furniture does not have to relate exclusively to large items, as we have said before, so why not focus on something as small and simple as a beautiful table lamp? A traditional item in its own right, the lamp can take on any style while still offering an old school aesthetic element. Even if placed on top of a modern table, a lamp will bring a sense of nostalgia and tradition to any living room space.

Fabulous focal points

Have you spotted the traditional living room furniture yet? It is, of course, that fabulous wooden coffee table sat pride of place in the middle of the floor, yet blending in with its surroundings perfectly. Despite being placed in a very modern room, the dark wood does not look out of place at all, in fact it brings a welcome nuance of old fashioned styling into an otherwise fairly stark set up. When kept to a minimum, traditional living room furniture can not only work well, but also accentuate the positive qualities of a far more modern decorative style, by adding contrast.

For more furniture inspiration, take a look at this ideabook: Decorating a classic home with modern furniture.

Are you now a traditionalist? Let us know in the comments!

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