10 luxury living room ideas

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Belgravia 2 TLA Studio
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Luxurious design is, like many genres, open to infinite interpretation. What one person may consider to be the very height of luxury, another may think of in quite the opposite way. With this in mind, 'luxury' can mean whatever you want it to, so we have compiled some fabulous examples of luxury living room inspiration. See which you agree with and which inspire you to add a little something extra into your lounge!

Fabulous fabric

There's something about using a wide variety of textures in one room that just screams of luxury, as long as they all work well together! Here we can see slouchy velvet, bright chintz and quilted velour all co-existing to bring undeniably luxury living room inspiration to us all. The light walls, contrasting with slices of dark colour and the almost luminous accents of the foot stool, armchair and light fixture all combine to create not only an incredibly well put together space, but one that manages to look welcoming as well as expensive. Fabulous, eclectic and most of all, elegantly luxurious!

Simple spaces

Duke Street, Mayfair Perfect Integration Classic style living room
Perfect Integration

Duke Street, Mayfair

Perfect Integration

If eclectic colour schemes and elaborate fabrics are not for you, try some understated luxury living room inspiration, such as the kind shown here. With a place for everything and everything in its place, this room follows the 'less is more' approach, creating a high-end, elegant area that alludes to consideration and, potentially, high cost. The suede sofas do not draw attention to themselves and yet add to the overarching sense of sophisticated living that no doubt goes on here and we can imagine that on an evening, with the fire lit, this would be an extremely luxurious place to be. 

Go big

Belgravia 2 TLA Studio
TLA Studio

Belgravia 2

TLA Studio

If you are fortunate enough to have a large living room area to decorate, installing large pieces of furniture is a great way to inject some luxury. The vastness of the sofa in this example is quite something, as is the dramatic art piece on display, but together, they create an impression of size and wealth, all of which acts as luxury living room inspiration for others. Finished off with a plush carpet and discreet lighting, this room is the epitome of a luxury living room without being brash or over the top.

Modern twist

Luxury is a word that has a natural tie to tradition, meaning that it has become synonymous with a more old fashioned way of decorating, but this absolutely does not have to be the case. As seen here in a project completed by Specht Harpman, luxurious living can be attributed to the most modern of spaces and style. The open plan space, coupled with fabulous leather seating, large wooden tables and beautiful flooring have created an undeniably amazing area that unquestionably qualifies as luxury living room inspiration. The finish of everything is clearly of an incredible standard and the vastness of the space contributes to the luxuriousness of the room.

Superb and stately

Georgian Country House Etons of Bath Classic style living room
Etons of Bath

Georgian Country House

Etons of Bath

It would hardly be fair to talk about luxury living room inspiration without including something a little more akin to a stately home would it? What is really wonderful about this example is that the sheer enormity and scale of the property in question cannot be in doubt, but the decorating and furnishing style has been kept simple and modern, which has not detracted from the luxury nature of the home at all. In fact, the plush sofas and polished wood elevate this room to new heights within the context of a far more current trend.

High ceilings and high-end

What a stunning room! Ignore for a moment, if you can, the enormity of the floor space shown and take a look at that back wall. Making the most of a high ceiling, dark wood panelling has been affixed to the wall to bring a sense of drama and luxury. Contrasting against the subtle greys of the carpet and seating, the wall acts as the perfect backdrop for luxury living room furniture to step into the spotlight. Taking advantage of the expansive space, the sofas are extremely large and by keeping them low, to match that incredible coffee table, they retain not only a distinct elegance but also an impression of high value. Luxury lounging at its best.

Sleek sophistication

Thurlow Road 1 KSR Architects Modern living room
KSR Architects

Thurlow Road 1

KSR Architects

Luxury need not only refer to large sized rooms, in fact even the smallest of spaces can be filled with luxury living room inspiration. This example shows that a moderate space can play home to countless luxurious installations including designer sofas finished in leather upholstery, sleek side tables and stunning art. In direct contrast to the former picture, the ceiling here is very low, but this effectively adds a sense of intimacy and almost transforms the room into a gallery, exhibiting the luxury art installations to perfection.

Let there be light

It's difficult to take this whole room in, but the overall effect is one of an incredibly luxury living room. The huge chandeliers bring drama, while the smaller tripod lamps offer warmth to mirror the cosy fire. Add to this the Chesterfield armchairs and long sofa and you have a stylish, elegant and wonderfully inviting luxury space. While this room could easily be a little too luxurious, the design team have managed to keep it within the realms of beautiful, rather than tipping over into bawdy, thanks to the use of natural materials and perfectly finished items. Without extraneous glitz, this room remains what it was intended to be; a luxury living room in a family home.

All that glitters

Now for something a little bit different! While luxury can be synonymous with understated, high-end finishes, there is absolutely a place for opulent luxury too. If you have the space and budget, why not let your imagination run wild and embrace luxury living room ideas with a twist? This incredible space, complete with gold ceiling and carved feature wall, is incapable of saying anything other than 'luxury' and yet despite the gleaming decorative style, it remains utterly elegant. An impressive feat, given that the main colour featured is gold, but that's how clever design can turn a concept into an installation, without losing focus of the original brief. 

Bare bones

At first glance, this room seems a little too industrial to be considered as a luxury living room and yet it really is. Look more closely and you will see all the nuances and details that transform this exposed brick living room from industrial chic to luxury living. The seating, for example, is not your average couch. That is a large scale, high-end, leather modular unit, most likely built to fit the exact space. Then there is the dramatic and modern fireplace; you can't get those in your local hardware store. Indoor topiary, high ceilings and a galvanised floor lamp finish the look, which results in effortless luxury with an industrial twist. 

For more living room inspiration, take a look at this ideabook: Indispensable living room ideas.

Are you keen to add a little luxury to your living room? let us know in the comments!

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