10 modern conservatory furniture ideas

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Conservatories are a fabulous way to not only add value to your home, but also a stream of extra natural light and some added personal style. Whether you favour a rustic, country, shabby chic or minimalist design aesthetic, you will be able to perfectly blend your ideas with a new extension. For those of you that like a modernist slant, finding the right conservatory furniture ideas need not be a difficult task.

And yes, as always, we have gone the extra few style steps and conjured up some enticing furniture ideas that are modern, contemporary, cheap, small, elegant, and a few other choice words. Let’s take a look at some first-rate designs completed by some of the UK’s most impressive design/construction professionals including Interior Architects…  

Modular colour

Nodern conservatory furniture can be as brave and bold as you are, so why compromise? Try embracing something such as this high modular sofa, in a bright colour, while accessorising with even more striking cushions! The effect is incredible, offering style, personality and a sleek finish associated with more modern themes. If the sofa isn't enough of a modern installation for you, partnering it with a funky woodburner, that is akin to a sculpture installation, makes this entire conservatory feel so modern that it is almost futuristic!

Clean and simple

conservatory Fisher ID Classic style conservatory
Fisher ID


Fisher ID

Modern themes seek to make the most of clean, sleek lines without clutter detracting from them. Here we see a great example of modern conservatory furniture with a monochromatic colour scheme. Note how beautifully angular all of the pieces are and how free from extraneous accessories the room as a whole is. The inclusion of a low maintenance plant helps to break up the blocks of colour and brings an accent hue into play, but remains in-keeping with the modern style by being pared back and neat.

Compact comfort

The traditional styling of the timber framed conservatory plays beautifully against the modernist styling of the furniture enclosed here. The juxtaposition of old meets new works incredibly well to create an inviting space that everybody will enjoy. A more traditional approach would have been to have matching wooden or even cane items, but by opting for modern conservatory furniture, a far more eclectic style statement is made. The inclusion of a little zebra print continues to update a traditional style of conservatory and demonstrates a bit of the owners' personality.

Barely there

Modernist design meets the space age! Not only is this conservatory so innovative that it hardly resembles what we have come to associate conservatories or garden rooms with being, it features such sleek, integrated modern conservatory furniture that if you blink too quickly you may not see it. Perfectly camouflaged inside the room, the booth style furniture performs a purely perfunctory function, while alluding to a high-end style that cannot be beaten. Not for the faint of heart or fond of fabric, this is one conservatory that takes modernism to new levels.

Wicker and wood

Two materials that work incredibly well together, wicker and wood are natural choices for modern conservatory furniture, when used in the right style of extension. In an open plan, exceptionally light room, pieces such as those shown here come to life, bringing the outdoors inside and making the entire room an extension of the garden. By keeping everything simple, low and geometric, this modern conservatory furniture will never go out of style and will be able to adapt easily to any future redecorating.

Blank canvas

This dining table and chair set is the perfect example of contemporary conservatory furniture as it offers endless customisation possibilities. By opting for something clean, simple and neutral in colour, the cornerstones of modern furniture, the set can always be updated or decorated to match decorating schemes or themed celebrations. Flooded with natural light, thanks to that stunning conservatory roof, the table acts a central gathering point, without drawing attention to itself, but could be decked out to make a grand statement. Imagine this table on Christmas day, with large centrepieces, food and candles. Now that would be quite something.

An eclectic mix

Modern Garden Room homify Modern conservatory

Modern Garden Room


The joy of modern conservatory furniture is that there are no rules and you can turn the space into anything you want. The example here shows a space that is being used for multiple purposes, presumably in a family home. A secondary living room, a quiet gathering spot and even a dining room, the furniture featured is as eclectic as the people that use it. The dining set is sleek and clearly designed for al fresco eating, while the armchairs and sofa look comfortable enough for long-period sitting. It's clear that this is a room that sees a lot of use and that the decorating rule book has been thrown out to let personality in.

Comfort first

Chiltern Road, Hitchin , Pentangle Design Pentangle Design Modern conservatory
Pentangle Design

Chiltern Road, Hitchin

Pentangle Design

Choosing to use a conservatory as a secondary sitting room opens up the possibilities for modern conservatory furniture, as this example shows. With no wicker or garden chairs, this room is a comfortable, beautifully finished space that lends itself to relaxed and intimate gatherings. The use of low-level furniture makes the room seem larger and keeps the space extremely informal, while the inclusion of a large and vivid plant helps to reaffirm that this is in fact a garden space, not only a sitting room.

Not just for sitting

Large Kitchen Conservatory Vale Garden Houses Modern conservatory
Vale Garden Houses

Large Kitchen Conservatory

Vale Garden Houses

For large-scale conservatories, perhaps a little more imagination can be used when decorating. Here we see a fantastic erection housing a brand new kitchen, with bespoke modern conservatory furniture. A central gathering point, this conservatory is making the most of the space it offers by featuring a sizeable dining table adjacent to the installed kitchen. Finished in a natural wood, the table separates itself from the light olive food preparation area and creates a sense of space and purposeful definition. 

Light and shade

What an incredible conservatory! From the colourful statement carpet through to that elegant dining table and all the way up to the made to measure blinds, this really is a high-end project completed to the most amazing standard. With wall to wall windows in situ, light can be moderated thanks to the use of blinds in the roof panels, allowing for comfortable dining at any time of day. Large enough to be a boardroom table, the modern conservatory furniture here inspires residential and business property project managers alike to stretch their design briefs a little further.

How to decorate a small conservatory

Frameless Glass Box Extension Trombe Ltd Modern dining room window,garden,roof,walls,cube,box,glazing,glass
Trombe Ltd

Frameless Glass Box Extension

Trombe Ltd

• Even small conservatory furniture can overload a room. Shy away from large pieces like sofas and dressers and opt, instead, for smaller items that can easily be moved around.

• Include plenty of storage opportunities to avoid a cluttered look.

• Save some space and money by opting for cheap conservatory furniture in pale colours (remember the neutrals) and similar-toned materials (washed oak, for instance). The darker the colours of your furnishings and décor, the faster that small room will get visually swallowed up.

• Artificial lighting is just as important as natural lighting. Commit to proper layered lighting by installing various fixtures at different height levels to try and evenly distribute some interior illumination. 

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Have you been inspired to incorporate modern furniture in your conservatory? Let us know in the comments!

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