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Relax in recliner chairs

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Recliner chairs are the epitome of relaxation and luxury and are available in various styles for both inside and outside of the home. Though a vast number of recliner chairs are made with summer and the great outdoors in mind, recliners for inside the home can also be chic and restful.

Prepare to sit back and relax as we take a look at some wonderful examples of recliners chairs.

Why not white?

Canary Wharf Living Room Primrose Interiors Modern living room
Primrose Interiors

Canary Wharf Living Room

Primrose Interiors

White leather may not seem like the most practical material for a living room furniture choice, but when it comes to recliner chairs, there are no rules. Chic, stylish and carefully treading the thin line between beautiful and clinical, this chair offers comfort and relaxation that a standard armchair or sofa just cannot. With a matching foot stool, the veneer bases contrast dramatically against the crisp white of the leather and promise modernist design genius and comfort in equal measures.

Parasol perch

For beautiful beach relaxation, what could be better than this exceptionally modern take on the traditional deck chair? Made from wood and relying on clever weight distribution, this beach recliner has the added benefit of an integrated sun shade. Recliner chairs and sunshine go hand in hand and this incredible seat makes no style compromises, choosing instead to marry sleek lines, practicality and tradition in one perfect union.

Portable perfection




Looking for stylish recliner chairs that you can fit in your car? They exist! Here we see a delightfully simple concept from Dvelas working perfectly as a waterside sunshade, but turn the other way and you have a gently rocking seat, suitable for reading or eating in. The ideal recliner for sun worshippers and shade lovers alike, these recliner chairs offer portability and style, not to mention comfort and breathtaking style.

Classic styling

Possibly the most traditional incarnation of recliner chairs, these poolside loungers offer comfort as well as elegant monochrome style. The perfect spot for enjoying the warm summer sunshine, drying off after a swim or luxuriously reading a book while others dip their toes, these adjustable recliners make standard fixed back chairs seem almost redundant! If only we could install them in our living rooms.

Nicely natural

With no fancy gimmicks, adjustable components or padding, these recliner chairs may not look like a luxury item at first glance, bit don't be fooled. The natural wooden poles used to construct the chairs have enough flex to create a strong yet comfortable seat that can adjust to your body and provide unrivalled support. If you want to lay a little further back, simply shift your weight backwards and the recliner will move accordingly. Perfect for a minimalist garden or those that have a more eastern theme, these chairs are beautiful enough for inside the home too!

Stay inside the lines

These fabulous wooden recliner chairs offer something of a Scandinavian feel to both gardens and conservatories, with the slatted seat and back rests almost resembling a traditional sauna. The wood offers an organic support system that feels good against the skin and adds an elegant element to any outdoor space. Perfect for reading, eating or sunbathing in, these fabulous chairs will certainly be a focal point in any garden, while not detracting from mother nature and her hard work.

Living room luxury

As we said, not all recliner chairs are designed to be placed outside for sunbathing purposes and here is a key example of an indoor recliner constructed solely with relaxation and rest in mind. Discreetly hidden within the main body of the sofa, the single reclining portion benefits from a subtle mechanism that, when activated, allows for a more elongated seating position to be assumed. Perfect for evenings in front of a good film, family members will no doubt have to draw straws to see who gets to sit in the reclining spot!

Seat with a view

What a phenomenal room and how incredibly well designed the layout is. With the master bed placed centrally to the large windows, the panoramic view is something to behold, but you may not wish to only enjoy it from your bed. That's when a stunning furniture addition can come in handy. Recliner chairs, such as the one featured in this example, offer a wonderful compromise between sitting up and laying down, meaning that you can do far more from the comfort of one position. High enough to read or enjoy a view (as in this case), you are simultaneously low enough to enjoy rest and recuperation. In this case, the recliner could also be a suitable solution to the problem of a partner hogging the bed!

Spa style

Not everyone has the space for a sauna installation, but if you do, give some serious consideration to the surrounding space. By creating a welcoming spa vibe, your relaxation experience will be more inclusive and holistic, rather than just being isolated to your hot room. The use of mood lighting and pleasing textures works well in this example and provides the perfect backdrop for traditional wooden recliner chairs. Perfect if you need some TLC, these chairs can be fully reclined and used as a massage table or as an area for catching your breath after a good sweat.

Fabulous film showings

The Cliff - Jersey Nethaus Ltd Modern media room
Nethaus Ltd

The Cliff—Jersey

Nethaus Ltd

Much like the sauna example above, we know that not everybody has a cinema and games room, but if you were to install one, reclining chairs are a must. The perfect way to curl up and watch a favourite film, these large leather recliners aren't just a visual statement, they actually contribute to viewers feeling that they are enjoying a full cinematic experience, with the added benefit of not kicking the person in front!

For more sunbathing seating inspiration, take a look at the following Ideabook: Places to sunbathe.

Are you feeling ready to put your feet up? Let us know in the comments!

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