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What lies ahead in 2016? Hopefully health, wealth and happiness for everyone and while we can't make any concrete predictions, we can look ahead to the upcoming interior design trends that you should be on the lookout for!

If you like to stay current with all things, including your home, you need to know why metal is shaping up to be a big hit for this year, which ceramics you should be buying and how to stay ahead of the design curve and with all that in mind, we have created this article to get you up to speed.

Take a look at what we are predicting will be big news this year and see if you might want to be a dedicated follower of fashion!

Bringing the outdoors inside

This is not necessarily a new idea, but it will certainly become even more popular as 2016 progresses. An irrefutable major player in the home trends 2016 list, creating spaces that seek to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living are really going to soar in terms of their popularity.

Examples such as this one, from Designcubed, make it easy to see why opening your home up has become so popular and we have to admit that the restorative nature of being tangibly close to the outdoors at all times is only one reason that we love this trend so much. Of course, there is the added benefit that a well manicured garden will never be an ugly sight to look out onto as well!

Embracing sutainability

Home trends 2016 will definitely include embracing a far more holistic approach to sustainability and though 2015 saw a huge number of eco-houses being built, we expect those numbers to be smashed by the 2016 quota! 

With passive houses and environmentally-friendly projects becoming big news, we think that an increasing number of you looking to build your own homes will be tempted in by the huge energy savings to be made, as well as knowing that you will be ocntributing to a brighter future.

Geometric ceramics

Now here is something that we are excited about! The home trends 2016 list isn't only filled with large scale and expensive fashions, so here is something that we can all get on-board with, regardless of budget; geometric print tiles!

2015 may have been all about the subway tiles, but this year, patterns are going to be the main attraction and we can't wait! We already know that we will be seeing pictures of fabulous bathrooms and eclectic kitchens coming across our desks and what a welcome break from stark modernity!

We're hoping for lots of bright colours too! Which reminds us: And The 2016 Colour Trend is… Rose Quartz.

Maximising minimalism

Well, that's a bit of an oxymoron isn't it? How can you maximise minimalism? It's simple really, you just have to declutter and simplify your home on a large scale! 

We think that minimalism is going to really make a big impact, especially in the early part of the year when so many of us are looking to economise, spring clean and start the New Year with a fresh home! Simple furniture, clean lines, unfussy kitchens and bright bathrooms are what we think are going to be very much in vogue, so how does your current home set up line up with that prediction? Perhaps it is time for a clear out so you are ready to be part of the home trends 2016 family!

Showcasing metal

Metal looks set to be a prime material for the home trends 2016 wish list, but not in terms of an industrial scheme, more that individual metal items are going to become exceptionally popular. 

We foresee metal-framed sofas and tables, wrought iron lighting and even custom balustrades and staircases really making a return to the popular trends list, so perhaps it's worth seeing what you have laying around? Metal is so raw and simple in it's form that we know this will go hand in hand with the anticipated minimalism that we see being on the horizon too!

Follow your favourite designers to stay informed

So how do you stay current and make sure that you always know what is going to be on the list for home trends 2016 and beyond? We recommend that you follow your favourite designers, architects and craftspeople on homify, as that way, you can see what they are producing and really get ahead of the curve. Simply visit people's profiles and click the 'follow' button and your homepage will be tailored to showcase the people you like the most! It's never been easier, or cheaper, to be so fashionable!

For more trend tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Brilliant Bathroom Trends. It's always great to see where current trends have evolved from!

Are you a follower of fashion? Are any of these trends right up your street? Tell us which ones!

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