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Kitchen lighting you need to see to believe!

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RAIZ QUADRADA KitchenCabinets & shelves
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It's been a long time since the kitchen was considered to be just a room for preparing food and with every year that passes, it becomes more and more the go to room for family closeness, socialising and just reconnecting with other household members. It's the hub of the home and as such, needs to be given a lot of design consideration.

Lighting kitchen areas should be thought about carefully, as the solutions that you choose could dramatically change the look and feel of your space, so we have come up with some of our favourite examples of perfect kitchen illumination, to see if any takes your fancy and fires up your imagination. 

Bright white

We are so in love with this kitchen that we have to force ourselves to look away from it! Raiz Quadrada have created the perfect testament to modernism and minimalism and created a space that is so perfectly finished that it is almost blinding. 

The plethora of white looks warm and inviting, not cold or sterile and that's because of small details such as how the lighting looks. Luminescent, wonderful and dramatic, thanks to the enormous shades, lighting kitchen areas in this way will always have a big impact when part of a truly cohesive design scheme.

Under cabinets

Lighting kitchen spaces does not only refer to the ceiling lights, or those under the wall cabinets and a relatively new trend that we are really enjoying is the floor lighting! Just take a look at this perfect example and you will see why we like it so much!

Adding a new dimension of illumination, stylish floors can now be showcased alongside bespoke cabinets and we like to think that stubbing your toe on the island would be a thing of the past too! This is a lovely way to highlight the craftsmanship that has gone into every facet of your kitchen.

Highlighting a feature wall

Lighting kitchen areas can have very specific purposes and we don't just mean so you can see what you are doing when you have a sharp knife in your hand! If you have decided to have a bright feature wall in your food prep room, what could be nicer than adding some ceiling spotlights that really help to radiate the colour throughout the space? 

We love this pistachio wall that is lit to perfection and injecting the rest of the space, which is predominantly white, with some fun and depth. What a great way to add colour without committing to it on every wall!

Pockets of texture

When natural wall materials have been left bare, we think you need to show them off as much as you can and lighting kitchen features, such as exposed brick walls, is a great focal point that makes your room not only somewhere that you cook, but also a space that really defines who you are, your style and gives an impression of how the rest of your home looks.

We think that these 'pinched' effect lights are the perfect way to really show off the rich red brick wall and they allow for a natural division with the actual cooking area, as brighter lighting is taking centre stage in there.

Natural materials

When you have sought to create a very natural, pared back and beautiful kitchen, it seems silly to ruin all of your hard work by choosing the wrong lighting, don't you agree? We love what is happening here, with a breathtakingly simple shade working in perfect harmony with the vast amounts of natural wood on display. Anything else would have simply stuck out or looked really jarring.

Lighting kitchen spaces should always be a project that looks for the perfect combination of stylistically appropriate and usably bright and we think this is a great demonstration of exactly that.

Stunning detailing

The Live-In Kitchen Studio Cinque Industrial style kitchen
Studio Cinque

The Live-In Kitchen

Studio Cinque

If you've gotten your main lighting all sorted and you are on the lookout for something a little different or more fun, why not think about adding some extra illumination to your kitchen? We love the dramatic uplighting going on here and think that it really makes an artistic vibe come to life in even the most practical of spaces. With low energy bulbs, this would be a budget-friendly way to ensure that your kitchen always looks good, day or night.

For a little more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Family-Friendly Kitchen: Make It The Hub Of Your Home. We're sure you'll find plenty more great ideas to inspire you!

Did you like any of our bright ideas? Which was your favourite? Let us know!

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