The House that Transformed its Neighbourhood

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A suburb in Portugal may seem like any other, excepting one stark contrast. In the middle of a seemingly dilapidated neighbourhood, a bold white façade arises from the ground and irrefutably towers above its peers in appearance. 

The Arrifana House had been imagined and by the architect, Pedro Henrique, who is based in Santa Maria da Feira. With this project he has managed to create an inspiring building as a model for an envisaged town. If you join us on a tour of this spectacular home, you will find it is completely revolutionary in its surroundings, and consequently lends a whole new life to the entire neighbourhood. 


The large and imposing Arrifana House cannot help but grab your attention. This bright white structure stands tall in the centre of the plot, surrounded by a lively garden and green lawn. As we can see somewhat in this image, the surrounding properties seem outdated and tired in comparison to the building under our perusal today. 

The strong geometric structure of the house is complemented by its white coat in order to give it a firm, modern appearance. As we can clearly notice, this is a first in the area, and gives an entire new flavour to the neighbourhood. 

All shapes and sizes

From this vantage point we can see the entrance to the house. In this image we can also see the use of form and depth in the house's structure. The geometrically formed façade creates various angular shapes which, combined with light and shadow, create layers of depth in the home's outward appearance. The geometric structure also firmly lands the house the in the realm of modern architecture, and adheres to contemporary design trends. 

The garden of the house also plays with different colours, shapes and forms. Against the white wall of the house, we can see a bed of white pebbles, flowing right out of the building structure an adding a sense of fluidity in the home's design. The vegetation in the garden is indigenous to ensure a natural and authentic character.

Earthen bathroom

This bathroom is the first space in the home to deviate from the otherwise all-white interior and exterior of the house. Here we are greeted with a concrete space, manifested in the walls and flooring. The white of the ceiling and the bathtub plays off against this concrete areas to add some visual interest and variety to the room. We can also see a wooden element here in the bathroom to continue the initiated natural theme. 

The bathroom has been designed precisely to fit into the angular shape of the the building's structure, and so make best use of available space. Not a single corner goes unused or becomes dead space. 

Zen bedroom

As with the rest of the home's interior, the master bedroom is equally minimal and clear. The walls and ceiling are white with the natural flooring. This is complemented by a surplus of natural light filtering into the room through ample glass inserts. 

We can also see a glass box containing a small courtyard with white pebbles and plants, which provides a tranquil and calming atmosphere to the entire room. The complete lack of ornamentation and limited furniture, combined with the neutral coloured space creates a Zen-inspired atmosphere that is the perfect place to unwind and rest in. 

A striking and minimal ktichen

When we get to the kitchen of the house, we are greeted by a minimal and clear space. It seems like the perfect canvas where to create hygienic and nutritious meals. It also allows much room to be filled by the inhabitant's personal choice of ingredients and condiments. 

The walls and cabinets are all white and simple, as in the rest of the home, and it is neatly complimented by stainless steel appliances and finishes, as well as sleek stone counter tops. 

We can see the wooden flooring continued here, to provide an ever-present natural edge to the very clear and modern white finishes. 

Infinite space

Inside the home we get a real feeling for the expansiveness of the space and the intricate areas the angular structure accommodates. In this room we can see the space bending around corners to seem as if it continues forever. The white walls and ceiling adds to this expansion, and makes the room feel a lot larger than its actual dimensions. 

The polished wooden flooring adds a softer and natural touch to the otherwise stark, white surroundings. 

Storage space is integrated to become nearly invisible, as we can see with the large closet doors only discernible by its handles. We can also see a seamlessly integrated fireplace to control the temperature in the house. 

View on the world

Lastly, we find a generous sun deck on the second level of the home to provide the opportunity for outdoor entertainment and lazy lounging with a view. The area is tiled and bordered by steel banisters. The shape of this balcony is angular to suit the rest of the home's geometric structure and to keep to the modern aesthetic. The space is empty now, but it is not hard to imagine it filled with outdoor furniture, a barbecue and a lively party!

From this perspective we can also see the house's uniqueness amongst its surroundings, and it is also the perfect spot from which to imagine how the rest of the neighbourhood can reach its full potential. 

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