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14 delightfully big ideas for small gardens

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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If you believe that a small garden can't be as stunning as a lofty estate, think again, as we're going to give you 14 amazing tips for creating a super beautiful and lovely outdoor space, whatever the square meterage you have to play with! Professional gardeners are geniuses, when it comes to eking as much potential out of a small space as possible, but we want you to feel equally as confident when tackling your own tiny garden, so come and take a look at our top tips and think about which ideas you can see yourself trying!

1. Plant varieties of flowers that will encourage a lot of wildlife to pay to you a visit! Bees, butterflies and birds all make a garden such a wonderland!

2. Fill in the gaps with striking gravel, for the most beautiful and neat finish possible.

3. Make the most of the trees in your garden by really making them a standout feature. Planters or lights will REALLY help!

4. Why not add a small pond or a contemporary water feature? Guests will be staggered by the effect!

5. Double your pleasure by making a seating area a stunning raised bed as well! Talk about making the space work twice as hard!

6. Use a bold colour to your advantage! Even in a tiny garden, some vibrant accents will create a slice of paradise!

7. Training plants to grow upwards will give you access to so much more beautiful greenery! This archway is perfect!

8. If you're really short on garden space, super bright planters will make up for it! Plus, you can keep on top of your plants far more easily!

9. Create a comfortable and cosy outdoor living room area that you love spending time in!

10. Break up the lawn with simple yet elegant pathways. They will actually make the space seem a lot larger!

11. You could even do away with the lawn altogether! What a great way to make a low-maintenance garden that is incredibly stylish!

12. Add a dramatic focal point that brings the whole garden together. Striking garden art is one of our absolute favourite things!

13. Play with curves for a more interesting and usable garden. Everyone has rectangular lawns, so why not try a circle?

14. Plant seasonally, so ensure that you will always have a gorgeous display of blooms! A smattering of evergreens will REALLY help!

Are you in the mood for even more garden advice? Then take a look at this Ideabook: Perfect planters for your small garden.

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