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​Small but stylish: 6 mini pools

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Alfredo Barsuglia Modern pool
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Who says that you need a large plot, plenty of space and a big budget to enjoy the dream of your own pool? Even a few square metres and limited budget can help create a great splashing spot at home. 

Today, we are showing you six very different mini pools which, despite their small sizes, provide tonnes of potential even in the smallest garden or yard when it comes to enjoying good times. 

Dive in with us!

1. Flexible

Mobile pools are a great option for those who have a limited budget and who want to enjoy some cool water only during the summer months. These options, as shown in this example, offer a cooler splashing spot for the whole family on hot days, are convenient to purchase and quite quick and easy to set up. Our tip: Ensure that the pool is set up in such a way so that all bathers are safe, yet the overall look and layout of your garden is still style-approved!

2. Luxurious

Even small pools can offer a lot of luxury, as this example proves. The water basin is located on a slightly elevated platform in the garden, which can be used as a terrace. At the edge of the pool is a cushioned seat that invites you to sunbathe, but also to enjoy an aperitif before dinner with your feet in the water. 

And when it gets dark, spectacular lighting creates a moody atmosphere in and around the pool. The colour scheme can be adapted individually according to the ambience, while a sophisticated heating system ensures that a pleasant water temperature prevails throughout the year.

3. Year-round

The experts over at Design@Garten have conjured up this mini pool, which can be used all year round. In the summer the pool provides a cooling-off spot, while it can be heated up for the colder time of year. 

And as soon as it gets dark, an impressive LED lighting immerses the basin and the surroundings into a dazzling sea of lights. And don’t think that just because it’s small that it’s cramped: it features a depth of 1.35 m, which is quite perfect for completely submerging yourself if need be!

4. A social element

This mini pool is located in the southern Californian Mojave Desert and offers a warm welcome and a chance to rid yourself of desert dust. This little design comes to us from Alfredo Barsuglia, who brought the minimalist work of art into co-operation with the MAK Center for Art and Architecture. 

The unique thing is that this pool, in its unusual location, is open to all and anyone who feels the need to cool off from the surrounding desert landscape.

5. An athletic purpose

Swim Spas and Exercise Pools Hot Tub Barn Pool
Hot Tub Barn

Swim Spas and Exercise Pools

Hot Tub Barn

This design is the perfect solution for those who do not have a lot of space, yet still require some H2O for indoor use. Best of all? Due to its size, this example provides both relaxation and exercise potential!  

Need a designer or painter? How about a tiler or lighting expert? Our list of professionals can help you out…

6. A relaxing design

Although this mini pool is too small for swimming and diving, nothing stops it from being the ultimate lounging and relaxation spot. Eight different massage jets are standing by to help and soften those tensed muscles, while the built-in benches provide seating options at various levels. 

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Which of these mini pools would look perfect in your garden/yard?

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