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Whoever builds a one-family house or a modern apartment must definitely work off a floor plan prior to starting any building or renovating. These house floor plans can be drawings or computerized images of the spatial conditions. This informs you of the planned layout and how the house is spatially divided so you can see where the bathrooms are located, where the kitchen is, and the placement of both the windows and doors. A floor plan can also help you and relevant professionals (like Flooring experts) better imagine the available living space. In addition, the exact dimensions can be read from the technical drawings. This allows you to plan the furnishing, the kitchen and the bathroom well in advance.

Let’s be inspired by these free modern house plans!

1. A floor plan with open living area

The advantage of floor plans that show the room's size in square meters can help with the visual presentation of the space. In this modern house layout, the homeowner and guests are welcomed in a large hallway. Instead of a cellar, the house has a utility room, where a washing machine and other appliances have their place. In addition to a study room and a small guest WC, the spacious living area can be entered through a wing door. In a floor plan, doors should be placed so that you can see in which direction they are opened, allowing you to better plan the furniture placement. Meanwhile, the trend is to integrate an open kitchen into the living and dining area. The kitchen is visually separated from the room by an island along with the stove; this is a wonderful solution where one can easily entertain guests while cooking.

2. First floor of a small house

The upper floor of this small house consists only of a bedroom and a bathroom. From the floor plan we can see that part of the bedroom was separated by an open wall. In this part, a small seating corner was set up which, in spite of the small space, still allows for enough privacy in the bedroom. The bathroom, on the other hand, is rather spacious and quite luxurious. There is one step leading to a large bathtub and a shower separated from the toilet by a wall. A toilet can definitely be hidden in the bathroom, seeing as it is definitely not the most beautiful item. 

3. Floor plan with a garage

In this picture we can see the floor plan of a cosy single-family house with a garage. Through a small corridor the visitor enters a guest bathroom, a study room and the living area. This is equipped with an open kitchen, a dining table and a seating corner. Due to the openness of the space, the room is quite functional and the plan also shows the windows that allow daylight to enter. Although the house is not particularly large, it offers space for everything a dream home should have. The large terrace encompasses almost the entire living area, which makes the interior even more beautiful.

4. Bungalow: All on one floor

Previously, floor plans of houses were technical drawings. Architects went through a lot of effort to draw up the room layouts with accurate measurements to produce a 3-dimensional representation of the blueprint. Now almost all professionals work with computer software, which makes it possible to visualize the living space much better, and also show the type of material and furniture that will be used. This way, the client can better visualise what the final result will look like. This bungalow has the complete living space on one floor. A house without stairs is particularly suitable for people with mobility problems, wheelchair users and children. Since all rooms are on the ground floor, bungalows on most of the ground plans usually look bigger than multi-storey houses. As is often the case, the living room is at the centre of all the action. This example shows, contrary to the previous ones, a closed kitchen bordering the dining area. Since bungalows are usually built without a cellar, the kitchen can be used as the entryway to a large utility room.

5. Floor plan before and after

When it comes to buying a condominium especially, it may happen that the floor plans are made according to a model proposed by an architect. But if the new home is still in the early construction phase, the buyer can make some modifications. In this example, we see a before-and-after image in which a few walls are removed. The owner opted for a more open-plan living space, thus providing a larger living and dining area. Before the conversion, this change was planned in private, so it is necessary to make sure both parties understand each other regarding which walls are going to be removed, to ensure that it won't weaken the structural stability of the building.

6. Penthouse with a spacious living area

A penthouse above a sea of rooftops in the city is something special, especially if it has a large roof terrace, from which one can enjoy a wide view of the surroundings. On the ground floor of this luxury apartment we can not only the usual rooms, but also a sauna, a steam bath, a dressing room and a lift that leads directly into the apartment. The spacious living area offers plenty of legroom for an open kitchen with a kitchen island and everything else that belongs in a designer living room. The size of this living space is sure to compensate for the smaller spaces that city dwellers are used to. Whoever lives here is going to enjoy that steam bath and sauna.

7. Open living in the south

When it comes to warm and tropical regions, creating a semi outdoor living space is a good option. Having the same type of rugged tile flooring and using sliding glass doors that can be opened wide will bring in fresh air to circulate within the house. This style brings a natural and laid-back feeling to a space similar to vacation homes. This floor plan can also be called visualization, but gives us an idea of the construction method.

8. Dream view from every bedroom

This ground plan also belongs to a house in the south. The architects allowed for a pool view for each family member by arranging the bedrooms accordingly. Each bedroom is equipped with a bathroom and can be reached using a long wooden walkway. The rest of the house is also adapted to suit a warm climate. It has an outdoor kitchen, as well as an open living room with views of both the garden and swimming pool.

9. Ground plan of a luxury villa

The details of a multi-storey dwelling can be perfectly represented as on this floor plan. Each floor is listed individually, with the lower floors included in each visualization. The extraordinary architecture of this luxury villa makes it clear as to how the design will come out in the end. The ground floor and the first floor have the usual living space (in luxurious furnishing) while the upper floor is crowned by a large roof terrace and a fantastic view of the pool.

10. Modern forms

Square layouts are common and practical, but when it comes to extraordinary living experiences, the floor plans of dream homes can also have different angles. Instead of straight lines, the room can have slanted walls that add character and offers a niche space for cosy sofa corners. These house floor plans show a ground floor living area in which the well-planned layout offers space for three bedrooms and a large living area. Each bedroom has a private bathroom equipped with a shower, while the family bathroom has a bathtub that is accessible from the hallway.

How to pick the perfect floor plans for your house layout

3D Floor Planner - Renderings Real Estate Floor Planner Modern commercial spaces
Real Estate Floor Planner

3D Floor Planner—Renderings

Real Estate Floor Planner

• Consider your lifestyle. Many families with youngsters prefer their own spaces via open layouts with bedrooms separated from one another. 

• How often do you entertain? Many homeowners prefer a wide foyer that immediately flows into an open floor plan, which aids in playing host when receiving guests. On the other hand, should you and your family prefer a more private house layout, you may want to consider a formal (closed) living room adjacent to your entryway.  

• Although many families prefer single-storey houses for their quietness and no overhead noise (i.e. loud footsteps), multi-storey homes have the added benefit of additional windows/glass doors for supplementary natural lighting and exterior views. 

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Which floor plan illustrates your dream home?

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