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When the autumn of 2015 waltzed into our world, colour institute Pantone chose rose quartz as the big colour trend for 2016 and has since been widely embraced by the worlds of décor and fashion.

It is delicate and romantic shade that exudes confidence and stability. Used in furnishings and interiors, rose quart will enrich a home with a deliciously sweet and calm flavour. Even though pink has often been associated as a girlish and childish hue, it is a quite versatile colour. Of course, unless you are fond of Barbie it will be prudent to avoid overindulgence.

If you are still sceptical about the application of rose quartz in your home, we have prepared an exciting list that will surely change your minds. Take notes and, as always, be inspired!

Dressing room

Let’s begin with the dressing room. It's a room that combines both fashion and décor so is ideal for rose quartz.

In the image above, pink shades dress the classical chair and ottoman, creating a chic and delicate look. Of course, the functionality of the two furniture pieces goes beyond their colourful contirbution to the room. As pink is the colour of choice for fashion right now, there is no better room to incorporate it. The matching accents of clothes and furniture will complement each other perfectly.

The bedroom

You can also dress the bedroom with rose quartz furniture pieces.

In the pictured example, Interdesign Interiors, illustrates exactly how pink can be used in the bedroom. At the foot of the bed, a contemporary chaise longue sits delicately on the chequered floor, adding a sumptuous something to the room, whilst also providing extra seating. A delightful meeting of functionality and aesthetics. Textiles such as covers, sheets, pillows and curtains can also of course adopt rose quartz to denote a elegant sophistication.

The living room

The living room is usually the social hub and relaxation area of the house so it's great to have a beautiful and attractive space that's suitable for both functions. For a living room to retain balance between serenity and interaction the dark hues should be softened with lighter colours. 

What better way to do this than opting for rose quartz? An armchair, sofa or pillows all look fabulous in this colour!  Take for example the eclectic living room in the picture above, where gold and brown hues blend beautifully with the pink coloured furniture. Quite the lavish interior, don't you think?

Paint the walls

If you are planning to repaint your walls this year then why not go for a splash of rose quartz? Don’t be so quick on the trigger to dismiss is it as an overly feminine colour. A touch of pink on the walls can be as warming as a hug. If you have a small home, perhaps consider a pink feature wall by painting only one of the four walls in rose quartz and leaving the remaining walls white to balance ambience with intimacy.

The bathroom

A shower curtain is an essential item for most bathrooms. As well as helping to prevent flooding they can also make quite a statement and elevate themselves above their primary functionality. Your bathroom needs some colour so consider rose quartz.

The kitchen

The kitchen is another room where pink can be used in the home's décor. If you are struggling to imagine pink in the kitchen then the image above provides an excellent example. 

Wow! Hidden in the shelving unit is a bold and stylish secret kitchen that looks like a cupboard and screams style. This is a brilliant idea for those who need to address the problem of a lack of space and need an efficient kitchen.


Let's stay in the kitchen for a moment. Households often have two different set of plates in their cupboards: one for everyday use and one for special occasions. The latter hides away in a cabinet awaiting its turn to shine on the dining table. Having pink plates with gold detail, as seen in the image above, will make a real statement. Their pink shades will evoke a sense of classical style, leaving your guests in awe!


Another great way to jump on the pink bandwagon trend for 2016 is with a great piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers. It's important to use pink in moderation, however,  as overindulgence can easily overstep the thin line that separates tastefulness to naff. Don’t abuse the colour. Use it effectively by combining it with different notes, radiating light and brightness and blending it with darker hues.

For more colourful inspiration, don't miss our advice for: Choosing An Interior Colour Scheme.

Are you a fan of pink? Would you consider using it in your home décor? Share your thoughts with us!

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