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Decorating a child’s room does not mean you need to forego style and panache. These days children are able to express their tastes in many different ways, their bedroom and playroom being a key area they can communicate their likes and dislikes. Gone are the days of simple glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to a ceiling, and a racing car shaped bed. Children are exposed to different styles and designs, which shape their taste and predilection for certain styles and designs. Encouraging your child to have input when decorating their room can help to form a bond with their private domestic space. It can be extremely important for a child to have a place that is their own, an area in which to store their belongings, clothing, and toys.  By allowing them input into the design of their room, they will take ownership over the area, which can help to build respect. 

If you would like to see some stylish children’s spaces that encourage chic modernity, style and flair, take a peek at the examples below, and design your little one’s space with elegance and bravura.

Modern and exciting

This bedroom is truly delightful. Perfect for a child, as well as young teens, the space is bright and inviting, making the most of a light and bright colour scheme. The walls are neutral and bright, which allows the rest of the rooms furniture to take centre stage, and allows for tastes and designs to change over time. The timber floorboards are also white, creating a sense of airiness and spacious living. The decor is eclectic and this helps to infuse the space with creativity and originality. Pair the room with a low-maintenance sisal mat, simple iron bedhead, and wall motifs, for a sleeping space that oozes uniqueness and style.

Luxurious accessories

Accessories can really make or break a space. This throw rug from Fabulous Goose, is a great example of a timeless item that can evoke a plush sense of sumptuousness in any room. Ideal for making cubbies, or snuggling up to watch a movie, throw blankets and rugs are the effortless key to style and interior design success.

An enjoyable playrom

This space has been wonderfully designed with children in mind. From the bright and bold colours, to the simple and spacious ambience, this room is perfect for playing, entertaining, or simply relaxing. The statement ultramarine chair makes a bold focal point within the space, and is replete with a colourful throw cushion. The abundant storage within the room is a smart and clever addition, ensuring there is plentiful space to store toys, books, and linen. 

A cheerful nursery

Sometimes less is more within an interior space, and this nursery is definite proof of that fact. Designed with tranquility and serenity in mind, the room boasts a modest cot, pastel hues, hanging paper decoration, and simple white shelving.

Bold and contemporary

If you want to design your child's space with modernity in mind, consider this example. A few key colours have been implemented to create design cohesion within the room. Navy, grey, and mustard impart a contemporary vibe, and are coupled with a subtle wallpaper design that brings an ambience of peacefulness and style. If you are thinking of a contemporary child's room, remember to employ some fun aspects too. Printed throw rugs, cushions and wall murals are an excellent way to ensure it is enjoyable for your little one.

A liveable space

This room is perfect for a young boy or girl. Replete with plenty of space to play, construct, build, or invent, the room follows a theme of liveability, ensuring the area is functional. The rustic timber robe offers a great place to store clothes and linen, while the desk takes centre stage as a play space. Wallpaper is in the theme of cars, and by using wallpaper, the owners have ensured the room can be easily redecorated. 

If you would like more tips and tricks, head over here for a little inspiration: Interesting ideas to enhance your child’s room

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