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The glamour of Art Deco

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Modern Living Room with the Asian Touch Modern living room by Rosangela Photography Modern
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The history behind art deco begins in Paris, France, in the early years of the 20th century. Around 1925, the French art exposition at Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs, was held to display nouveau design from around the world. From this the style grey, especially influential in the fields of visual arts and architecture, after World War I, the design gained in popularity and reputation. Characterised by rich colours, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation, this eclectic style emerged from a period of rapid industrialisation and a transforming culture. These days art deco is seen in many different forms. From the traditional design seen in the ‘20s, ‘30s, and ‘40s, to newer forms that fuse multiple styles to create new and intriguing designs. 

If you would like to see some wonderful examples of well-incorporated art deco style in luxurious and liveable interiors, check out the images below, and get inspired to renovate or refresh your residence.

An updated façade

This gorgeous example of art deco architecture is located at the corner of Westfield and Englishcombe Lane in Bath, England. Built from Bath stone ashlar, the home is a brilliant example of stylish deco design, and has been lovingly restored to match the original architecture and aesthetic, while modernising the residence for 21st century living. To the left you can glimpse the new timber extension, which is more prevalent at the rear of the dwelling, yet gives an insight into the modernisation of the home. The cylindrical front entrance is a typical art deco element, and is a striking feature to this beautiful home. 

To tour this project in its entirety, check out our ideabook: A marriage of design styles

A classic deco kitchen

This kitchen space presents a dramatic first impression and is a great example of classic deco design. Completely renovated by Designer Kitchen by Morgan, this home just outside of Monaghan required a bespoke kitchen that would satisfy the client's flamboyant taste and nature. Utilising a mixture of timber and painted joinery, the space is interesting and unique. Curves are ubiquitously associated with art deco design, and within this lavish kitchen, we see the bold geometric vivacity of the deco aesthetic design. Along with curved joinery, the room also utilises plentiful glass, which again complements the art deco ambience, and imparts a sense of luxury and refinement.

A contemporary hallway

Within this space, we aren't focusing directly on a specific room, but are given a glimpse into the dining space adjacent to the corridor. The strong use of timber is a clear sign the design draws its inspiration from a deco aesthetic, while the inteiror of the dining space has many art deco elements. TRhe console is a dark timber tone, and when paired with the mirror hanging above, looks fabulously lavish and luxurious.

An art deco bathroom

Muswell Hill House 1, London N10 Modern bathroom by Jones Associates Architects Modern
Jones Associates  Architects

Muswell Hill House 1, London N10

Jones Associates Architects

Here the playfulness of art deco style is shown through the energetic and geometric floor tiles of this bathroom. The space oozes class and taste, but still allows a sense of individuality and originality. In addition, the strong use of reflective surfaces indicates its deco influence. Furthermore, the retro shaped basin is wonderfully integrated, and again matches the deco charm and character of the wash space.

A classic and refined living room

Modern Living room with an Asian Touch Modern living room by Rosangela Photography Modern
Rosangela Photography

Modern Living room with an Asian Touch

Rosangela Photography

This living space is a fabulous example of art deco furniture, which creates an alluring and enticing lounge. The pieces of furniture and geometric in their shape and form, and the use of bold colours again adds a sense of richness to the design and ambience of the room. Shades such as maroon, cream, dark terracotta and umber all work in tandem to evoke a sense of history and tradition. The rich colours are contrasted with white orchids in the centre of the space, which balance the mood and add an organic freshness.

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Whitton Drive by GK Architects Ltd Modern

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