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Often when we think of our kitchen we imagine a clean and crisp space, one replete with a colour palette of whites, neutral hues, and tones that evoke a sense of serenity and hygiene. Our go-to shades often include white, off-white, citrus tones, and all manner of muted hues, ensuring we create a space that is open, airy, and inviting. But what about the other end of the spectrum? For many home owners, a neutral, light space is unsuitable, and instead, a deep, rich, or moody space is desired. Dark kitchens can exude a luxurious and intriguing atmosphere. Think bold black hues, moody greys, and rich timber tones that impart a lasting impression, as well as help to create a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic. 

Today on homify we are taking a closer look at dark interior design, specifically when implemented and employed into a kitchen space. For some inspiration and ideas, check out the following examples below, and design your new cooking space with confidence and panache.

Moody monochromatics

Deseo - Helix Terra Deseo Modern kitchen

Deseo—Helix Terra


The first kitchen we are looking at today is a brilliant conceptual design from Deseo, which perfectly illustrates the richness of colour in creating a space that is deep, dark, and unconcerned with bright aesthetics. This room appears to look like a kitchen that is inspired by the latest fashion magazine, the space has strong European and British influences, and exudes a sense of luxury designer style. In order to keep the room feeling open and abundant in natural light, a long linear skylight spans the space, infusing a galactic-like ambience.

Simple grey galley

A galley is an easy way to create a smaller kitchen that can function in awkward or tight spaces. Here we see a galley cooking space that has managed to utilise its compact space to create a serviceable kitchen. The colour scheme is a combination of different grey tones, from light grey joinery, to textured grey walls. In addition, the ceiling and floor are also grey, infusing a monochromatic element, imparting modernity and a sleek aesthetic.

Rich timber tones

If you want to create warmth within your kitchen, consider the use of rich timber tones for a sense of homeliness and liveability. Here the timber veneer applied to the joinery is followed throughout the space, and exudes majestic opulence. Two different tones of timber have been employed, creating depth and intrigue in the cabinetry design.

Creating contrast

One of the best ways to use dark tones within a kitchen space is to ensure they are matched with some lighter, bright shades. By creating contrast within the area, the cooking space is transformed from monochromatic, to interesting and intriguing. This unique kitchen employs many different colours in its design, but is particularly noteworthy for its use of a rich purple hue. The purple is then balanced with a crisp white ceiling and floor, and enhanced further by a grey feature wall that houses the silver fridge.

Glossy black opulence

The final kitchen we are taking a look at today utilises a dark glossy black to impart a sense of opulence and 5-star living within the space. Matched against the black hue is a light timber veneer that has been applied to sections of the joinery, and kitchen island. The kitchen looks smart, interesting, and individual. In order to keep the space from feeling cloistered, a white ceiling with hidden lighting has been employed, and this ensures the space remains bright, and liveable. 

If you would like to see some more kitchens, check out our other ideabook: 6 stunningly spacious kitchens.

What is your favourite colour scheme for a kitchen? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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