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The 5 secrets of a clean and orderly home

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We hate walking into other people's homes and wondering how they keep them so clean and tidy, as that's a reminder that our own homes are anything but! There are, however, a few tips that you can use in order to get your home dazzling and impressing guests. We looked at how professional cleaners recommend maintaining a home, so that the deep cleans take a little less time and effort, and think that we've stumbled across some really easy to follow tips and the best part of all is that they can work well in all of your rooms, from the hallway to the bathroom! If you want to enjoy a more shipshape home, come with us now and cast these tips to your memory!

1. Multitask and use your time well.

This tip will prove invaluable if you are making a bid for a super clean and tidy home. Basically, you should always be juggling a few things, which means that when the dinner is cooking, you can be cleaning the kitchen, or giving the hallway a quick vacuum, rather than just sitting around and waiting for the oven to ping. You're not creating more work for yourself, you're simply getting the same amount done, in a fraction of the time!

2. Don't walk around the home empty handed.

New Build Family Home in Wimbledon by Andrew Harper Architects
Andrew Harper Architects

New Build Family Home in Wimbledon

Andrew Harper Architects

It might sound strange, but we've taken this tip from waiters and waitresses! Given how busy any food service staff person is, they have mastered the art of never walking around without anything in their hands and you can do the same! As you walk through your home, pick up anything that is somewhere it shouldn't be, reset rooms and if nothing else, give your sofa cushions a plump as you walk past!

3. Delegate a few tasks.

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Master Bedroom

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No man is an island, according to the popular saying, but when it comes to tidying and cleaning a house, you can feel as though you're doing everything. Well, if that's how you're feeling, it's time to delegate! Speak up and start dishing out a few tasks to the rest of the family, unless of course you want to be an unpaid drudge that never gets a day off! Start by making everyone responsible for their own bedrooms and work up from there!

4. Stock up on the right detergents.

Why make life harder than it needs to be? Yes, you can clean your home with simple dish soap and a few scrubbing brushes, but investing in more tailored cleaning products is a guaranteed way to make every task a little easier! For example, kitchen detergents will be far more focussed on eradicating grease, whereas bathroom sprays will be geared towards water stains.

5. Enjoy it!

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Plot 2 Durward Gardens, Kincardine O'neil, Aberdeenshire

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd

Finally, however clean and tidy your home is, it won't ever look inviting or enviable if it isn't clearly being enjoyed! Don't make yourself a slave to cleanliness if you aren't going to recognise when to loosen the reigns a little and give yourself a break! When Friday evening comes around, you should be say with your feet up, enjoying a glass of your favourite tipple, not scrubbing the kitchen floor!

For more home cleaning tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 17 cleaning tricks that will actually save you money.

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