How to choose tiles for the bathroom

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Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom is a crucial step in designing the perfect bathroom. Essentially the right tiles for your bathroom depends on the size, layout and design of your bathroom. So, before you start browsing through the myriad of bathroom tile designs available, take some time to have a good look at the size and layout of your bathroom. This idea guide is here to help you choose the right tiles for your bathroom. So, check out some of the ideas here and enjoy the beautiful designs. 

Type of tiles

The type of tiles you use in your bathroom can enhance the style or feel you're trying to pull off. There are several types of tiles—vinyl, porcelain, and stone tiles are examples of some. Generally, tiles are used in bathrooms due to their water resistant quality and easy to clean functions. 

One of the most popular type of tiles for bathroom floors is vinyl because it is inexpensive and practical. However, nothing looks better than porcelain or ceramic tiles. In order to protect your porcelain tiles from scratches, apply high grade glaze over it. Stone tiles are becoming more and more popular in bathrooms these days as they give off a lovely natural feel and have a rough, antislip quality.

The colours

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Choose the colour of your bathroom tiles based on the size of your bathroom and also the feeling you're trying to create. Large bathrooms can get away with dark coloured tiles, but using dark coloured tiles in a small bathroom will only make it look smaller. 

If you're going for a natural feel, choose earthy colors such as beige or brown. On the other hand, if you want to create a soothing feeling in the bathroom, go with a light blue or green. Bright colors can be used both in small or large bathrooms, but keep in mind that generally bright colors look better when there is natural light in the room. 

The size

Other than the color of the tiles, the size of the tiles is also important. If you want to cover a small area of the bathroom wall or floor, small tiles look better, however if you will be covering a larger area, bigger sized tiles may be more suitable. Yes, size does matter! Browse through modern bathroom designs here on homify for more ideas and inspiration. 

The pattern

Once you've chosen the most suitable color and size for your bathroom tiles, consider what pattern you would like to use. For starters, avoid overly busy patterns if you have a small bathroom as it can make your bathroom look and feel overcrowded. The type of  pattern you choose for your bathroom tiles will play a part in the overall style and look of your bathroom. For example, if you choose bathroom tiles with floral patterns, the bathroom will have more of a feminine look. However, if you choose oriental patterns, your bathroom might be able to pull of more of an exotic look. 


Aesthetics are important but so is functionality and safety, especially when it comes to bathroom floor tiles. It's worthwhile to invest in some good quality anti-slip tiles which can prevent slippery accidents in the bathroom. The shower room can even be fitted with anti-slip mats for extra safety. Pictured here, we see varied patterned tiles in shades of grey gracing the shower room floor and walls. This beautiful bathroom is designed by Studio Knot, interior designers and decorators based in South Korea. 

Our recommendations

Last but not least, we recommend using different colours for bathroom tiles as it is one of the easiest and best ways to add a splash of colour to the bathroom. Bright colours can add a sense of vibrancy in the bathroom, making it the invigorating place it should be. We hope you have found some good tips on how to choose tiles for your bathroom through this idea guide. For more related inspiration and ideas, have a look at 5 bathroom shelving ideas

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