10 spectacular swimming pools

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History tells us that our readers love pools: from big to small, and from luxury halls to charming grottos; so, we thought we’d give you some more to dive into! This time we’re really focusing on a good variety of pools and whether you like a long swim or a relaxing backstroke of an evening, we think you’ll find something that’ll make a big splash in your day. 

1. Infinity pools

Infinity pools are probably the most spectacular thing when it comes to pure aesthetics and pools. Incidentally, the overflow effect works not only at the sea, but also on the roofs of the city or on the green mountain slopes. More endless inspiration can be found in our ideabook here.   

2. Natural pools

Currently at the top of the list for pool fans world wide: natural pools! They operate entirely without chlorine and chemicals and ensure the highest water quality, whilst looking great at the same time. 

3. Transforming pools

Concert Hall Moving Floor Pool: modern Pool by London Swimming Pool Company
London Swimming Pool Company

Concert Hall Moving Floor Pool

London Swimming Pool Company

This indoor pool has quite a few unexpected capabilities. Its base can be raised and lowered at will, which not only makes for a custom water depth, but, if necessary, the pool can completely disappear; leaving room for a multi functional space in your home. 

4. The grotto

Swimming and relaxing in a Mediterranean cave: what more could you possibly ask for? 

5. Pool with a view—panoramic pools

There's nothing like a swimming pool with panoramic views. Whether it's the mountains, the sea, the jungle or in the city—a pool with a view is always an exceptional experience.

6. Smaller pools

An excellent solution for smaller gardens, this kind of pool would also prove an great addition for young and old alike; promoting easy access and exiting qualities. Would be nice for a shower on a hot day too! 

7. The light is right—pool lighting

A pool need not always be blue. How about instead, a bright green or bright yellow pool? The right lighting can make this possible and add an individual touch  to the design of any pool. 

8. For the greedy one—double pools

Why limit yourself to just one pool when you can have two? The symmetrical arrangement of the two basins complements the harmonious construction of this out house perfectly; giving is regal charm and a look of importance. 

9. Pools—the diamond standard

Swim or watch? The special, bespoke mosaic tiles pattern beneath the pool give off such a magical look that you’d think you were swimming around amongst the coral. 

10. That view!—Pools with swagger

A spectacular view is something that  an indoor pool does not often provide well. How nice it must be relaxed here to swim lengths and splash over the rooftops of the city—in any weather and at any time day or night! 

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