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​19 modern house entrances you'll love!

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Here on homify, our articles intend to show you time and again how each house can be unique its own way – it only depends on the finishing touches. One of these touches includes the way in which a house’s front entrance is styled up, as we all know how a front façade can immediately capture attention and speak of the style and taste to be found on the house’s inside. 

From cosy country style to sleek and modern, or the more exotic type with unusual shapes and colours – it is you who get to decide which style and look your home’s front entrance will flaunt. So, check out these 19 ideas for a beautiful home entrance and find lots of inspiration for your own home!

1. Incorporating stainless steel accents on the front door will definitely attract attention.

2. By using two opposing materials, this entrance canopy not only exudes modern design, but is also effective in keeping the rain out while allowing more light in the entrance area.

3. Placing an atrium along the entrance!

4. Why not have a side entrance? This not only adds a touch of mystery, but it also stands out from the crowd!

5. Classic country-style houses usually go for wooden doors – and they look better with decorative designs.

6. A generous covered design at the front entrance definitely invites you to stay a bit longer.

7. Black and white is a classic combination that you can't go wrong with. And the darker the black, the more intense the impression.

8. A front entrance with an awning is perfect for protecting that entry area from harsh weather.

9. Want to try something unique? Go for a grey, silvery front door.

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10. White doorways become more prominent when combined with pastel-tinted façades.

11. Modern doors with tinted glass let’s you take a peek at the visitor from the inside.

12. Powerful midnight blue is a perfect match for warm wood tones and provides a unique effect

13. With a frosted-glass design, this combination of transparency and opaqueness produces a most unique door.

14. Be brave and add some wood to that super modern façade.

15. Modern houses can also be quite eye-catching with a colourful door.

16. A traditional brick façade can enjoy a modern touch by adding in a metal door in a bold dark hue.

17. If the entrance area between the garage and the house is planned, a completely covered area can be created, making it seem quite homey.

18. Typically, the colour of the entrance area matches the façade design and fits in harmoniously and almost inconspicuously.

19. It is also worthwhile to deviate from the usual symmetry and opt for some colour contrasts. This makes the house entrance much more dynamic!

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