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20 home renovation blunders you really shouldn't make

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We totally understand that taking on a home renovation project is exciting and inspires creativity like you never knew you possessed, but pull on the reigns just a little bit, or you might find yourself making a few critical errors! Architects and interior designers are so used to clients coming to them in order to rectify mistakes made in the fervour of new home excitement and while it's wonderful to know that there are people ready to help, wouldn't you prefer to never get to that point?

Whether you are taking on a full home renovation or simply starting by replacing your tired old kitchen, take a look at our top 20 renovation errors to avoid and make sure that you aren't falling prey to any unfortunate pitfalls. After all, Who wants to waste precious time and money, when reading a quick article could prove to be all the preparation needed? Not us!

1. Don't rush the kitchen measuring process! A wrong digit will mean that nothing in your room will fit as it should, leaving you with a shabby finish. Measure 100 times if you need to!

2. Don't just choose the cheapest contractor that quotes for work, as that might not equal the best! It's all about references and observable previous work.

3. Lowballing your budget is a key mistake! Have a ballpark figure, by all means, but always include a contingency too, for when you overspend!

4. Don't get caught up thinking that granite is the only option for your worktop! There are plenty of similar but far more reasonably-priced alternatives.

5. Don't be scared to adapt your bathroom layout. It's really not that difficult to move a toilet or shower and can make a massive difference to the ambience.

6. Hardwood floors aren't for everyone, despite what trends tell us. If you've got pets and children, you might be better off considering laminate!

7. Making your kitchen too 'trendy' will really shorten the lifespan! Stick to classic colours that can be embellished with accessories instead.

8. Don't skimp on the unseen details! You'll be better off installing underfloor heating than a designer rug, when you want warm feet. Hidden solutions are so much better.

9. Negating to include the necessary floor drain in your laundry room is a critical error! If anything floods, the whole house will be sodden!

10. Failing to account for cuts, breakages and tricky areas could mean that you won't buy enough flooring! Always order at least 20% more than you need and return unused packs.

11. Using the wrong paint will mean that regular touch-ups and problems will be guaranteed. Kitchens and bathrooms definitely need moisture-resistant varieties!

12. Don't try to take on every room at once, no matter how tempted you are! Start with one space and work logically, or your budget and timescale will run away from you.

13. Failure to invest in the proper tools will always lead to bodged efforts that aren't of the best standard. If you're renovating a whole house, every tool you buy will come in handy later on!

14. Blowing the budget on one singular room is more common than you might think, especially for new homeowners! Reign yourself in and then go back and embellish later!

15. If you don't have a trained eye, perspective is a tricky mistress to manage! Make sure your large installations, such as fireplaces, really do fit the space or they'll look terrible!

16. Failure to apply for and gain the right permits could stunt all your progress! You don't want to undo all your hard work, just because of a technicality, do you?

17. Changing your mind can cost you a lot of time and money. Whether it's the position of a plug socket or a style of tap, this will really slow your progress, so make up your mind and stick to it!

18. Ignoring structural faults, such as wall cracks, will always cause you a lot more work, further down the line. Tackle the mundane first and get to the decorative elements later!

19. Don't fall into the trap of underestimating the importance of a fresh and beautiful bathroom. It's a vital space, yes, but needs to shine as well, so don't skimp on the pretty touches.

20. Ignoring the bones or heritage of a house is a huge mistake and will lead to design schemes that simply look as though they don't belong. Be respectful!

If you want to know about more decorating no-nos to avoid, take a look at this Ideabook: We solve your 9 most common decorating mistakes.

Are you a little more level-headed about your own renovation project now?
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