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12 cheap ways to make your garden look like you hired a pro

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We think that gardeners are worth their weight in gold, but you do need quite a bit of gold at your disposal to hire them! Because of that, we are always on the lookout for nifty tips that will help us to get the professionally curated garden look, on a shoestring budget and today, we think we've come up with some REALLY good ideas! 

From shaping your lawn through to adding tailored storage, you're going to love the tips we have for you and we know that you'll be able to picture what a dramatic difference they will make to your outdoor space too, so come with us now as we show you some weird, wonderful and purse-friendly options!

1. Shape your lawn, using spray paint.

Grab a can of spray paint and you can mark out what shape you'd like your lawn, in an instant. With the curves perfected, you simply need to use an edging spade to cut the excess away and et voila! A fabulous lawn that doesn't look like everybody else's!

2. Give your hose a special spot.

We all seem to just put up with an unravelled hose in the garden, but no more! To get that professional look, you have to include a little storage and we just ADORE this funky antler wall hook! It's a definite improvement on a straggly piece of pipe on your patio!

3. Create charming little focal points.

It doesn't matter what they are, but adding some cute focal points to your garden will not only make it look well thought out, it will also detract from any less than perfect areas too. handy little benches, large planters or even a water feature will all work well.

4. Go heavy on the evergreens.

Any gardener will tell you that in order to have an outdoor space that radiates charm and a beautiful aesthetic all year round, you need to get to grips with planting a lot of evergreens. It's all very well having a bountiful floral display in spring and summer, when anybody can, but for the pro touch, you need to think about keeping the space pretty, even in the winter months!

5. Build retaining beds.

After Front Garden Garden Ninja Ltd
Garden Ninja Ltd

After Front Garden

Garden Ninja Ltd

There's two reasons to think about building some raised beds in your garden. Firstly, they just have such a wonderfully professional aesthetic that nobody will believe you didn't have a landscape architect in to help you and secondly, they give you total control over how far your plants can spread. No more emergency hacking and weeding for you!

6. Try a little topiary.

Come on… admit it… you've always wanted to have a go at some topiary haven't you? We have too! We know our limitations, so we won't be attempting to recreate our favourite Shakespeare plays in hedge-form, but some quirky and fun shapes shouldn't be too hard to master! 

7. Lay a path in heavy traffic areas.

Those patches of garden that you always walk through really should have a solid and level path, otherwise you'll just be creating a makeshift dirt track! It isn't too much of a bind to lay some simple paving slabs or even a fancy brick path, so set a weekend aside and really up the finish of your garden!

8. Create islands of greenery.

Front Garden Design Woking, Surrey homify Modern garden

Front Garden Design Woking, Surrey


Professional gardeners LOVE putting islands in place in their clients' gardens and you can easily copy this technique! For the really high-end look, try to keep certain plant varieties located just on these solitary islands, to make them stand out from the other beds. 

9. Play with rockery designs.

It's no secret that rick gardens always look astonishingly beautiful, but for that pro touch, how about playing with different colours and patterns, to get a really unique effect? The neater and more considered your design, the more everyone will swear blind that you hired someone to create it for you!

10. Stump up for some solar lights.

You don't want to be running about, turning lights on and off in your garden, so a simple way to get the key illumination that any gardener will tell you that you need, is to invest in some solar lamps! Pop them in prominent places and they will simply flick on as the sun sets, leaving you with an effortlessly pleasing ambience!

11. Pressure wash the driveway.

We know that low-effort ideas are the most popular, but if you want your garden to always have a pretty and 'curated by a pro' aesthetic, you need to be maintaining it. This includes keeping your driveway clean, so it's time to dig out the pressure washer and get to work! It will only take you a short while, but the result will be more than worth it!

12. Build a berm.

The stone screen with the grass berm étendre Modern houses Stone Wood effect

The stone screen with the grass berm


Building a berm in your garden isn't as tricky as you might think, especially if you have a mini digger on site! Simply push some earth up into a slope and then, for the really pro touch, lay a velvety carpet of turf on top, for a gorgeous finish! We think berms work really well, next to a path, as they have real drama!

For more amazing garden tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 6 tips to make your garden perfect for entertaining.

Which of these ideas do you fancy trying in your garden?

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