​10 great ideas for terrace flooring

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Great weather definitely goes hand in hand with spending time outdoors, especially when it comes to a beautiful terrace or patio enticing one to take in some fresh air outside. As an extension of the living room, a terrace can be the ideal place to socialise, relax or even work. But of course its design is essential to make it comfy and practical while also enhancing a stylish ambience. In addition to a comfortable seating corner, colourful flowers and plants as well as decorative accessories, the floor also plays an important role. After all, it is an essential element that can make or break the whole look of the terrace. The following inspiring ideas will show you what type of materials you can use and the effect they have on a terrace.

1. Wood

One of the most popular materials is wood, frequently used for flooring. As for the terrace, this building material is particularly classy and exudes a natural charm and bears witness to a stylishly warm design. Above all, hard wood types are best suited, but require a wax or oil seal in order to be protected from being weather-beaten.

2. Stone

Just like wood, stone also creates a natural-rustic ambience, not to mention visually pleasing character. See how the soft neutral-hued stone floor of this terrace complements the darker tones of the furniture.

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3. Concrete

Another building material that flaunts a raw, industrial look is concrete, which also plays an increasingly popular role in interior design, seeing as it is quite durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. But if you’re not a fan of concrete’s rough appearance, then maybe have it softened with paint or a glazed finish.

4. Tiles

With their beautiful patterns and resistance to weather, tiles are also another popular option for floors, inside and out. And thanks to a myriad of different patterns and motifs, not to mention colours, your terrace flooring can be most unique according to your personal taste.

5. Clay

For those who prefer the rustic style, clay is another winning option. Burnt clay typically has a warm beige colour with reddish tones, designed in small square shapes to give your outside area a distinctive look. Also typical for tropical countries, this flooring beautifully conjures up a Mediterranean flair.

6. Natural stone

Natural stone is a noble and extremely robust raw material, available in different types. In addition to marble, for example, slate is also in demand. This striking and graceful anthracite provides a nice contrast of colours that beautifully highlights the terrace. It may be a tad pricey, but with its quality and beauty, and considering the fact that you will be enjoying it for a long time, it makes is all worth it. Stylish and classic, this is an absolutely timeless option for patio flooring!

7. Rubber granules

A modern alternative to flooring materials is rubber granules. This option for terrace flooring is easy to install and the elastic material provides a pleasant soft padding. The rubber granules also provide good insulation against heat and cold and are also a form of noise reduction, which makes this material a viable contender. In elegant grey, these plates are the epitome of style, comfort and functionality.

8. Gravel

Gravel can be classified in the rock family. It is characterized by its particular grain size and is a cheaper alternatives compared to other rock examples. It also becomes especially noticeable when added to stones, is very easy to maintain and quite durable, making it a perfect option for outdoor areas which have to hold heavy furniture and décor items, like giant potters.

9. Textiles

A terrace floor covered by a colourful and patterned carpet or rug is definitely a well-known option, not only for the visual appeal, but also due to the fact that the textile layer can protect the flooring from scratches and dirt. And let’s not forget about that soft, comfortable underfoot sensation it provides.

10. A combination of materials

If the choice between a bunch of various materials proves to be difficult, you can always opt for a combination. Wood, stone and concrete can look perfectly harmonious together, complementing each other via colours and textures. And it can also save money, seeing as cheaper alternative can be mixed with more pricey ones. In the end, though, it is up to you and your personal taste to decide which materials will best adorn your terrace space – just be creative! 

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Still looking for inspiration? This limestone terrace would look absolutely stunning with your home. This stone will last as long as you need it to — it's known for its durability, so it will look great no matter how much you wear it down. Another benefit? This terrace will look great in the summer for dinners outdoors. 

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Bergo Unique tiles in Sand colour Ecotile Flooring Scandinavian style balcony, veranda & terrace
Ecotile Flooring

Bergo Unique tiles in Sand colour

Ecotile Flooring

This terrace has a similar natural vibe but takes it up a notch with dark wood furniture and bright, colourful pillows to brighten up the space. Tile flooring looks great and adds flair while remaining practical; tiles should last you a while, though not quite as long as stone. If you're interested in options like these, consider consulting with a professional

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Seagrass, Polzeath, Cornwall The Bazeley Partnership Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
The Bazeley Partnership

Seagrass, Polzeath, Cornwall

The Bazeley Partnership

If you want drama, this terrace would suit you. Looking out over the coastline, this terrace is simple in design but looks fabulous against its backdrop. If you want a similar look, opt for simpler outdoor furniture and focus on the rest of the yard. Taking care of your garden or sprucing up your backyard and letting the natural landscape shine can boost the look of your terrace too. Sometimes we don't need all the expensive clutter to make our terrace look lovely. 

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What material will best suit your terrace flooring?

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