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At the end of a hard day, most people like to enjoy a nice relaxing bath. What could be better than knowing a newly decorated bathroom with a bath screen to ensure your experience is as private and splash free as possible! Locking the bathroom door isn't always an option, so it is good to know that there is a wide variety of bath screens and privacy solutions that will inspire and create wonderful spaces to relax, unwind and enjoy life's small luxuries. 

Whether it's for an old crumbling bathroom that needs updating, or a cosmetic addition to a new build property, bath screens will inspire and provide the best everyday experience. Let homify inspire you and your bathroom ideas today!

Bath with a view

In this beautifully minimalist bathroom, a charcoal shade used throughout along with a light wooden effect on the sink, bath, cabinets and bench. A bath screen in this bathroom isn't necessary, as the breathtaking view is looking out onto a mountain, so there is no chance of being overlooked. The curtains across the window can serve as a bath screen if needed, but the deep bath provides plenty of room to bathe in peace.  

Grass wall

In this photo, the bath itself is eccentric enough, with wooden surround and steps leading to the white ceramic and tall taps. However, sometimes it's great to go all out with design and spend that little bit extra to create a unique space that can't be replicated! The bath screen itself is inspired by nature with an appearance similar to moss, whilst the backdrop is in industrial concrete style blocks. The contrast works really well and is finished off with candles dotted around the wooden section; a truly grown up take on a bath screen. 

Transparent glass

Grey and light brown don't immediately sound like they'd match, but they work surprisingly well to create a simplistic bathroom like this one. The bath screen is transparent, doubling up as a shower screen and keeping view of the modern tiles and waterfall shower head. The flooring matches the bathroom cabinets, and needs to be properly protected to avoid damp or any damage, which is why using a bath screen is so important. When it looks good, it's a bonus! 

Walled in

In this example, there is no need for a conventional bath screen, because of the placing of the wall and the shape of the bath. The pebbled flooring gives a spa like appearance and the large windows that look out onto the garden create the best atmosphere to relax. Seating in the bathroom may not be conventional, but is perfect for kids bath time! The curved tap suits this bathroom because of the angular shapes of the wall and bath. Retreat Bathrooms enhance properties and create a special atmosphere.

Simple and nautical

Family Bathroom homify Modern bathroom

Family Bathroom


For bath screens, transparent ones seem to be the favourite in modern bathrooms.Their high quality, durability and plain design make them an attractive option, especially for a white bathroom that already has the colour block on the ceiling. The plain white with the blue ceiling creates a nautical feel and would be an ideal backdrop for themed ornaments, blue or green towels or an abstract canvas on the wall. It's a common choice to have a transparent bath screen alongside colourful decoration and a modern waterfall shower. 

Double bath screen

Like the earlier example, bath screens can be incorporated in a variety of ways, depending on personal choice. A traditional bath screen or old fashioned shower curtain isn't everyone's cup of tea, so using existing walls and adding transparent screens can be a great way to update any bathroom. The purple hue of this bathroom is still modern, but understated and suited to the shaping of the room. 

Compact and stylish

Hampstead Heath Apartment Bhavin Taylor Design Modern bathroom
Bhavin Taylor Design

Hampstead Heath Apartment

Bhavin Taylor Design

Finding space for all the essentials in a smaller bathroom can be a challenge, as can be choosing a suitable bath screen. Many modern bath screens slide outwards, which would be problematic with limited space. This screen is fitted, avoiding loss of space or damage to the sink or tiles. The transparent shelving optimises the space and doesn't look cluttered, which is surprising for a modern bathroom! Adding pretty tubes of soap or flowers on the ledge finish off the look. 

Dark wood

Bath of the bedroom Studio 4e Modern bathroom
Studio 4e

Bath of the bedroom

Studio 4e

When choosing a bath, it doesn't just have to be a standard one—it can be a piece of luxury such as this hot tub. With the wooden surround working as a bath screen and the steps up to the platform, this can be a romantic area to relax. The window is big enough to let in light, but small enough to ensure privacy. The wooden pillar to the right showcases the high quality craft and the white ceiling brightens up the space nicely. 

Creams and whites

An all white bathroom can be hard to get right, but it can be done with the right materials and expertise. White tiles paired with mirrored cabinet doors and a textured effect on the large mirror creates a clean and feminine look to this bathroom. The built in shelf above the bath makes the most of limited space and provides a display area for toiletries. The transparent bath screen is different because it's placed at the opposite end to the shower head, most likely because the bath is used more often or that the slightly retro feel is preferred. 

Corner bath

Marbled bathrooms are luxurious and easy to maintain because of the high quality and long lasting material. Corner baths provide plenty of space and work well with transparent bath screens, because the shape of the room partially covers the bath anyway. The shelving in front of the black marble is abstract and perhaps not to everyone's taste, but it undoubtedly works in this bathroom. The pop of colour from the rolled towels adds to the homely feel. Brilliant Bathroom trends are everywhere!

For more bathroom inspiration, have a look at our Ideabook: Brilliant bathroom trends.

What type of bath screen do you have in your home? Let us know, below!

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