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​10 fascinating ideas for ceiling design

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Even more than mere décor items is a ceiling’s ability to give each room a crowning character, have it look well-maintained and professional designed and impact its overall appearance. In addition, the architectural design of the interiors should certainly be considered as a whole when visualizing the ceiling. This is especially important if you deal with special features such as trusses or roof beams. Of course choosing the design for your ceiling is more than just picking the right colour; it is also about the type of lighting and other elements that we will show you later on in this article. There are so many possibilities, but then again, all of them will ultimately depend on your taste.

Be creative and free your imagination; make your space the canvas in which you can realize the design that you want. But when it comes to the ceiling in the bathroom and the kitchen, however, there are certain requirements that have to be met compared to other rooms. Similar to the flooring, you can create contrasts with the ceiling design and at the same time bring a lot of variety into the room. Be inspired and do not be afraid of combining different styles. Sometimes it is precisely these unique creations that spark an irresistible charm.

1. Thought-out ceiling design for more light

In the case of kitchens, it is a matter of space, which should be as bright and wide as possible. Spot lighting models or a central room lamp mean that the work area is very limited and the spatial potential of the kitchen cannot be fully exploited. A well thought-out ceiling design can have a positive effect here.

Without having to opt for merely a central ceiling lamp, additional luminaries can be installed in the ceiling. If, in the context of the ceiling design, the distribution of the lighting focuses on the working surfaces, you will benefit from a lot of light and little shadows that could affect the working space.

2. Contrasting ceiling design for young living

Thurrock Hotel, Aveley, Essex Aura Designworks Ltd
Aura Designworks Ltd

Thurrock Hotel, Aveley, Essex

Aura Designworks Ltd

A contrasting ceiling design can look extravagant or elegant. This partly depends not only on the viewer, but also on the rest of the room design as well as the interior. The ceiling can draw attention by unusual lighting methods, but also by playful colour combinations. In the example above, the pale edge of the room ceiling sets a clear accent, which is favoured by the contrast of the black wall. Although the black dominates, it is the combination of dark and light that becomes the focus. With a little creativity you can get a lot of effect from a room ceiling and influence the space quite wonderfully. 

3. Use the spatial structure

Sometimes a ceiling structure is already defined by the architecture of the building. This does not have to be bad if a rustic appearance does not disturb your taste. Such properties are often found in farms or half-timbered houses.

In the best case, you will have timber beams and design the remaining areas according to your ideas, as in the example of ANTIK-STEIN. If this design is what you are looking for, but your room’s ceiling doesn’t have the appropriate beams, you can still copy it with very little effort. 

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4. An alcove with light diffusers

Unique colours aren’t your only option when it comes to eye-catching ceiling designs. Various tools also allow an indirect space division. These optical effects can easily be caused by the use of wood or polystyrene.

You simply place these components in the desired places and screw or fix them. After the parts are fastened, you can tint the colour according to your design. When selecting the materials, however, you should pay attention to whether you want to load the components in the desired ceiling design.

5. Unique overlay that hides wirings

Depending on the style of the architecture and the style of the décor, you can also implement indirect lighting using a clever ceiling design. For this you just have to add the structure onto the ceiling. The effort for this technique is manageable and achieves impressive results.

With a suspended ceiling you get not only a very individual ceiling design, but also space between the ceiling and the suspended ceiling. You can use this space very simply for the installation of lighting systems, which indirectly floods the entire room with light.

6. Colourful room ceilings that provide variety

With a so-called stretch ceiling you get a similar effect, as with a normal suspended ceiling. However, with this type of ceiling design, much more versatile possibilities exist with regard to lighting, as demonstrated by the example of DEZETT SPANNDECKEN above. 

With different materials in different colours, the ceiling is suspended and illuminated from the inside by lighting. Not only does this indirectly illuminate the ceiling, but it also treats the room to various colours.

7. Ornaments and ornate crown moulding for tasteful ceiling design

For classically designed rooms, a special ceiling design can provide more variety in the room. This can be achieved by using different colours or by installing ornaments in different designs.

Ornaments can be placed in the middle of the room, at the corners, or both. If you want to make your ceiling design even more individual, you are free to paint the ornaments.

8. Cove lighting and gold thematic trimmings

The bedroom is synonymous with romance, which means romantic-themed lighting is crucial. In addition to softer lighting or dimmers, a ceiling design with indirect lighting is also suitable, as can be seen in our example above.

9. A nautical-themed ceiling design that ensures relaxation

When it comes to the bathroom, one wants an ambience of relaxation – and for that, we propose a nautical-styled design, complete with cool ocean colours. 

Of course, you can also create maritime elements on the walls and floor, in addition to an attractive ceiling design, so that the entire room is given a Caribbean flair. Also ensure that your choice of furnishings takes into account the appropriate room design.

10. Greyish-white wooden ceiling

When it comes to modern styles, a subtle ceiling design is recommended. But with a few handgrips you can add an extra volume onto the ceiling, for example a plate, which is then decorated with the colours and pieces of your choice. 

Through this plate, your ceiling design gains significant style and immediately directs the viewer's attention to the additional element on your ceiling. Depending on the mounting, you can also attach additional lighting fixtures such as pendants. 

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Which ceiling design do you fancy for your room(s)?
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