​9 amazing terrace canopy ideas

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Some are made of glass, others of fabric, reed or wood; some are fixed and some are movable, and some make use of a remote control; yes, today’s topic is canopies for terraces, patios and porches.  

We all love our patios and porches, especially in the summer time, but with one season transitioning into another, we are often surprised by changing weather conditions, especially those unexpected downpours which force us to take shelter – and during these times, a terrace canopy proves to be most valuable. The only question is: Which canopy is right for my needs? At homify, we have very different canopy types on offer, from big to small, with a variety of materials and range of prices…

1. A curtained terrace

Now this is truly a treat, seeing as those dangling fabrics not only help keep the sun out, but also prying eyes – good for privacy, then. And when it comes to the roofing, only a little bit of sunlight filters through, ensuring that there are no harsh glares below.

2. Textiles on the roof

An extremely versatile variant on a roof terrace is this one: should you want to do a bit of sunbathing, simply remove the textile part. However, should rainfall be predicted, one can keep relaxing and socialising underneath that sheet while remaining bone dry.   

When need to, simply remove the fabrics, treat them to a good wash and apply again for the next terrace-bound event.

3. A reed canopy

Or how about this solution? It might not stop the rain from seeping through, yet it still keeps the majority of sun beams out. Thus, if you need a solution that simply lowers the sunlight effect of your terrace, this reed-covered design is a good one.

4. A glass patio roof

A glass ceiling above your terrace can be the perfect touch. Although this option is slightly more expensive, the quality is amazing and should last quite a few years – just be sure to give those glass panes the occasional wipe down.

5. An awning

Really nothing more than a piece of cloth stretched out to provide shade, this option can be compared to a gigantic parasol. And seeing as it’s quite flexible and versatile, it can be re-used numerous times in a variety of places.

6. More awnings

Shade when you want it, sunlight when you don’t. We all know these retractable awning designs, and there’s a reason why they’ve been around for so long – they work! 

Whether it’s an extension, a full-on renovation or just some spruce-ups at home, have a look at our list of professionals who can help you out.

7. A romantic terrace awning

This pergola variant is a covered with standard roofing timber and intertwined with climbing plants. It can be built quite quickly and easily, since part is attached directly to the house and its stability is replaced by the wooden pier structure on the opposite side.

Fast-growing climbing plants, such as clematis, virginia creeper or Knotweed, ensure a quaint and romantic look for this terrace. Watch out, though: When planting, always make sure that this does not damage too much of your masonry; remember that they look good, but they can get into the walls quite easily!

8. A high-tech canopy

A sublime option for the modern times; thanks to a remote control, you get to decide how much shade and sunlight you want on your terrace.

Sliding elements for the terrace
This consists of individually movable elements and is the perfect option for anyone who has a terrace with changing wind directions, yet still needs a little protection from the sun. The items can be variably rotated in any direction and, thus, always provide the desired angle for a wind-free terrace. 

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Which design do you fancy for your terrace?

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