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​The 6 most beautiful ideas for high walls

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Homes with high walls are truly a noble sight and offer so much space for creativity. However, it doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges—wall lights and curtains, for example, need to be placed higher. But your imagination should not let something this minor hold it back; instead, rather focus on the wealth of possibilities high walls produce. 

High walls offer opportunities to create attractive interior spaces, whether with the walls themselves or the ceilings, or both. And that is why we are bringing you a few ideas today…

1. Accessible storage space

If those walls (and ceiling) are high enough, you can always take the extra space and transform it into a storage area – why not opt for a mezzanine design, as shown here, which provides so much potential in terms of not only additional indoor legroom, but also storage spaces. 

An impressive staircase connects the new room with the existing floor, with both areas (top and bottom) in a stylish open layout.

2. A mezzanine

Lucky 4 Ranch Uptic Studios Rustic style kitchen
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

Speaking of mezzanines, of course using it for storage isn’t your only option. With the right tools and designs, that new upstairs area can be transformed into a most functional room to enhance your home’s indoor potential. 

Just ensure the materials used (for the staircase, railing, upstairs flooring, etc.) complement the rest of the interior style, ensuring that the new mezzanine doesn’t stand out for all the wrong reasons.

3. Cover the ceiling

Suspended ceilings always look very impressive. They give the room a noble touch, when the ceiling also has an individual design at the same time. Especially rooms with high walls offer the best conditions to hang an extra ceiling. 

Modern households can benefit from a suspended ceiling as they offer space for exceptional room lighting. With the help of a professional, a room’s ceiling can be added in, adequate lighting fixtures installed, and the end result will be a cosy and stylish space flaunting a welcoming look.

4. High shelves

There’s no rule stating that shelves and bookcases can’t reach all the way to the ceiling. And seeing as they can take up entire walls, those shelves, in turn, become the choice of wall art then, replacing the beauty which would have been flaunted by wallpaper or a painted wall. 

Opting for open shelving brings forth another benefit: room dividers. Fill the open cubbies with books and other accessories, but be sure to leave some breathing room so that there remains a visual link between the two areas.

5. More space for art

In a lot of cases, people who opt for high walls are on a mission to flaunt their collections of wall art and décor pieces, seeing as they have so much additional vertical space to play with. Of course one not only has to take into account the additional art that can be hung, but also how it’s to be hung. 

Numerous designs and layouts exist, all depending on the pieces (photographs, paintings, etc.), colouring, sizes and, of course, the amount of space available. Lighting also plays another part, seeing as the gallery has to be lit properly in order to be appreciated.

6. Tastefully distracting from the height

Sometimes a high wall is quite unfavourable and not at all what the residents want. In such cases, it is up to designs and touches that shift the focus away from the abundance of vertical space, instead of onto it. Lighting fixtures are usually used for this purpose.

A visual room separator can also be installed, not onto the floor, but onto the ceiling, effectively minimising the amount of vertical space to be seen. Lighting pendants are then added in, allowing the viewer’s eyes to focus on the lighting that hangs lower instead of being placed in the ceiling itself (as downlighters would). 

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What would you do with high walls in your home?

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