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UMBAarchitecten is a creative power with expertise in developing concepts and designs for areas, buildings and products. Regardless of whether the project is a new construction, renovation, or restructuring, UMBAarchitecten brings a wealth of experience to the job. If the goal, for example, is to benefit the economic or social interests of society, than UMBAarchitecten can be relied upon to develop a great concept in cooperation with its partners. The agency has an eye for contemporary social issues, with past projects including the transformation of vacant properties to provide affordable housing. Science and creativity in this field go hand in hand, and today's project is a perfect example of this fact: this beautifully decorated home is a source of inspiration, due to its unusual layout. Curious? Let's take a look..

First view of the house

We arrive at the building and are immediately surprised by the size. You could be forgiven for thinking we were showing you the garage! The square panels at the front remind us of a typical car port, although the roof with central sky light is the first sign that this is actually a home. The property certainly is unique, and exudes an air of mystery that draws us to investigate further..

Open doors

Here we see the building from a different angle, and a more 'homely' side is revealed. The quirky building houses a beautiful, bright and modern interior. In summer, the doors can be left fully open, allowing a pleasant breeze to circulate through the house. There is no shortage of daylight, and as the light hits the ceiling beams and furniture, dynamic shadows are cast across the room. The beautiful garden is easily accessible through the French doors, which help to establish a flow between the inside and outside spaces.

The interior

Here we have a more complete view of the interior. If we look up, we see the stunning wooden beams which give this room a rustic feel. Polished concrete floors run throughout for a contrasting sleek and contemporary look. Interior walls made of timber divide up the space without blocking the flow of natural light.


As the house is all on one floor, the modern sleeping area continues off from the living room. The light wood wall helps to achieve a separation between the sleeping and living spaces, but overall, the bedroom is fairly exposed. The bed folds out from the wall: a beautiful and efficient way to deal with the available space. The dark roof contrasts well with the light interior walls creating a stunning visual dynamic. The rest of the interior has an understated colour scheme that contributes to the illusion of space. Note the mirror on the wall next to the easel, which creates an optical illusion, making the room seem brighter and bigger than it is.

The bathroom

The bathroom is a spacious room with a lovely high ceiling complete with a sky light. Imagine being able to watch the stars as you get ready for bed at night! The minimalist bathroom furniture gives the room an edgy feel, and the lighting  creates a refined and delicate ambience, perfect for a room in which you want to feel relaxed and refreshed. In this bathroom you will find no over the top details or frills. The room contains just the bare essentials, but in a truly beautiful form.

Final look

The house had several surprises in store for us, and has charmed us with its absolutely beautiful and functional layout that is flooded with daylight. Indoor and outdoor flow effortlessly into one another and create a home where it is without a doubt a real pleasure to live. 

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Would this layout suit you, or do you prefer something more traditional? Leave us a comment & let us know your thoughts!

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