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Brick can be a fun and creative way to add style and flavour into any room of a home. Often seen in urban spaces, brick wall design has transcended this niche and now can be found in many style homes no matter the location. A brick wall can add warmth, character, personality, and more to a room. Looking to venture into the world of brick? Go big with floor to ceiling coverage, or perhaps add just a hint of brick. Use white bricks, vintage bricks, there’s a myriad of possibilities. These brick wall design ideas show some of the best!

Hints of Grey

The love of grey doesn’t have to stop with the paint on the wall, it can continue even with bricks. These bricks are extremely unique, as they are white with hints of grey specks. The grey provides even more texture to this accent wall, and picks up the dark grey of the rest of the walls in this room. It also breaks up the grey and ensures the room isn’t too dark and enclosed by adding light and airiness to the space. This room is fresh and modern with unique brick wall design that plays with two different colours.

Brick panel

To integrate a hint of brick into a home, add just a slither of brick on an accent wall, as done in this room. The living room is painted a fresh white, which works perfectly with the panel of brick wall. The brick goes from the floor to the very high ceiling, giving it a grand look. Against the white wall, the brick pops out even more, and it picks up colour from the wood shelf on the adjacent wall. This brick wall design is a great focal point of the room, and adds much flavour and character.

White brick design

Not all brick wall designs have to be traditional in colour or style. Looking to add brick into a room but still want a bright room? White bricks are the perfect solution. This designer chose to use brick on all the walls of the room, which does not feel too dark or overpowering because they are painted white. The white bricks give the room a great texture, and flow great with the white wood floors. Pops of colour with the furniture and drapes finish the look and add even more texture. The end result is a room that feels bright, airy, and fun.

Modern brick design

Wondering how to integrate a brick wall design into a modern room? This kitchen does it perfectly. The accent brick wall is eye catching, yet manages to not be too overwhelming. Instead it adds a nice touch of modern design to the space. The colour of the bricks are a darker shade, which adds a touch of maturity to the room and goes well with the dark finishes of the rest of the kitchen. The modern lighting on the wall adds to the design, and literally highlights the brick wall, as it is a piece of art on display.

Double the pleasure

This room takes the theme of brick wall design and runs with it to create a unique, eclectic look. The accent wall in the kitchen is created with brick, and includes the kitchen cabinetry as well. The brick then picks up on the kitchen island, a very unique design not often seen. Mixed the browns and blacks of the rest of the room, this double brick wall design creates the perfect kitchen for those who want to be different.

Two shades

This room uses brick in two different ways. The splash back of the kitchen is a beautiful white brick wall design, which looks fresh and clean with the white cabinetry. The fun with brick doesn’t stop there, as there is an accent wall of a more traditional coloured brick. The contrast between the two shades of brick adds great texture and design to this room. The end result is a beautiful kitchen that feels warm and welcoming.

Colassal design

The high ceilings of this room is the perfect canvas for an eye catching brick design wall. The bricks are a traditional reddish brick colour, yet as they go from floor to ceiling there is nothing traditional about this look. It almost feels as if the brick design is never ending and will just keep going! This accent wall makes the room feel large, colossal even in size.  Set against stark white walls, this brick wall design is a perfect piece of art, adding much flavour to this dinning room.

Multiple textures

For those who are a fan of mixing textures and palettes, this brick wall design is perfect. Using tradition coloured bricks, the brick is used on an accent wall. On part of the brick is a really unique, pop of white that reflects light from the rest of the room, and breaks up the brick. The contrast between the brick and the white is grand, and adds much character. The rest of the room uses white walls, and wood beams on the ceiling. All in all, there are various textures in this room, but it is the brick wall that is most eye catching.

Peek-a-boo brick

Add just a peek of brick wall design with just a bit of white brick between two rooms. This white brick design provides a touch of style and texture, while maintaining the look of the rest of the space by being light, airy and bright. This use of brick takes this space from more ordinary to extraordinary, adding much style to the space.

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