9 ideas for kitchen Shelves: Which One Do You Like Most?

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The kitchen is the gathering place of a home, it is created for function, style, and memories. When designing a kitchen it is important that the design encompass all of these ideas. Kitchen shelves are very important in this room, as they provide storage and function. It doesn’t have to stop there, shelves in the kitchen can be very stylish too, adding personality to the room. These shelves in the kitchen are great ideas to incorporate into a myriad of kitchen styles, adding both function and style.

Lengthy impact

This kitchen shelf is a beautiful and unique piece of art as it travels across one long wall. The wall is made of stone and the light wood shelf breaks up the stone nicely, adding great texture and contrast to the wall. The shelf is used to display lovely kitchen objects that match well with the colours of the kitchen. With its great length, this kitchen shelf is a really unique way to add texture and art into a kitchen space.

Chunky style

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones Harvey Jones Kitchens Classic style kitchen
Harvey Jones Kitchens

Shaker kitchen by Harvey Jones

Harvey Jones Kitchens

This kitchen is modern and bright, as are the shelves against the subway tiled wall. Two chunky, light wood shelves are placed against the wall, used to display kitchen items. The wood of the shelves match the wood of the opposite cabinet, further down on the wall, as well as the picnic style kitchen table, flowing well with each other without being too matchy-matchy. There are only two shelves, yet with their thick design, they provide much stylish impact.

Eclectic design

Edenbridge, Johnny Grey Johnny Grey Eclectic style kitchen
Johnny Grey


Johnny Grey

These shelves in the kitchen are super fun and eclectic. Thedesigner chose to incorporate colour and shape with the shelves which results in a really unique design filled with personality. The top shelf connects to two different sized, round cabinets, which creates a really different shape and design. The bottom shelf is longer and the end of the shelf has another round design surrounding it. The eyes are instantly drawn to these shelves in the kitchen, they are more than just storage and a place for display but literally are a piece of unique art themselves.

Wall of shelves

The shelves in this kitchen pop more as a focal point of the kitchen, as they travel high up the wall, making the ceiling feel tall and the kitchen empty and light. The shelves are of a light wood colour, and sleek in design. Set in a corner of the kitchen, it adds much character to what could have been an ordinary corner. Used to display fun and colourful items, these shelves in the kitchen are a win for design.

Floor to ceiling

In need of major storage in the kitchen? Try floor to ceiling shelves in the kitchen. These shelves are a grand gesture themselves, definitely the focal point of the room. The light wood shelves literally start from the floor and go up to the ceiling, against an entire wall. This is really unique and innovative, yet also high in function. The shelves here are used for a myriad of things from displaying plates to holding the microwave. These kitchen shelves keep this room organized and stylish.

Minimalist design

For a clean, minimalist look, try adding a couple of crisp white shelves against an accent wall. These shelves are high, near the ceiling, which draws the eyes upward and makes the ceiling feel taller. The shelves have spotlights under them, illuminating the space and bringing more attention to the crafts that they hold. They are the same white colour as the wall, which makes them flow well with the room and almost feel invisible, making the objects on them stand out even more. The shelves have a slick design with sharp lines, adding modernity to the space.

Industrial it is

For a unique, modern, and even eclectic look, go with hanging metal shelves. These shelves are ultra modern as they hang from the center of the kitchen, right above the kitchen island. There are two rows of shelves, made of metal which makes the room feel edgy and industrial. The location of the shelves is a bit unexpected as well, yet extremely functional over the island as that’s where a lot of cooking gets done. The metal of the shelves are a perfect match for the silver coloured floor and silver finishes in the rest of the kitchen. The end result is a really fun and edgy room, made especially so by the interesting hanging shelves in the kitchen.

Ultimate storage

The shelves in this kitchen add much function and style to the room. The built in shelves take up most of the wall, starting from floor to almost ceiling, to great floating shelves above the kitchen sink. The units are deep and are able to hold a lot, here they are used for candles, vases, and other pieces of art that make the kitchen pop more. The white colour of the shelves ensures the massive unit isn’t too overwhelming, while maintaining the overall flow of the room.

Country elegance

The Great Lodge | Large Grey Painted Kitchen with Exposed Brickwork Humphrey Munson Country style kitchen
Humphrey Munson

The Great Lodge | Large Grey Painted Kitchen with Exposed Brickwork

Humphrey Munson

These shelves in this kitchen have a welcoming, country feel to them. There are a medium coloured wood, with the same colour legs. These shelves match the adjacent cabinet. Set in a small corner of the kitchen, the shelves give the space a nice charm too it. Just two shelves add much personality and character to the kitchen, which without them would just be an ordinary white kitchen. Instead, the kitchen feels like a space one would never want to leave.

What is your favourite style for kitchen shelves?

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