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Houses coated in large amounts of glass always look so extravagant. Because of the extra high windows, natural lighting can penetrate unhindered and fill the room with dazzling brightness.  Of course privacy is not a problem at all, as there are various tips and tricks to ensure nosey neighbours’ glances stay at bay, such as blinds, drapes, etc. 

The following 11 pictures show you how unique a structure you can conjure up by using large amounts of glazing without having to give up privacy…

1. Simple elegance

How fantastic large glazed façades look when added to modern houses. The glazed, protruding volume on the upper floor clearly emphasizes the apparent transparency of the house. The need for privacy is met with those external shutters, styled to match the house’s design to ensure they are both functional and visually pleasing.

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2. Finished with wood and glass

Prefabricated structures can also be used as generously glazed houses. The desire of these residents was to live in a natural structure, and their dream came true with this house coated with wood and glass. Thanks to the generous glazing, which can also be used as sliding doors on the ground floor, the borders between interior and exterior can be blurred at any time.

3. A glass house with so much class

A total of 58 different window elements characterize the façade of this residential house. Included are the differently sized glass elements in a sculptural reinforced concrete structure, which has been clad with metal in a bold dark hue. Particularly interesting: the glazing area on the top area is nearly twice as large as the bottom one.

4. A bungalow with huge windows

When we hear the term ‘bungalow’, we no longer need to visualise unattractive structures from the 60s. This high-glazed design featured here is a perfect example of what a modern-day bungalow can look like. Only a few wooden elements break through the transparent façade and protect private areas from sight.

5. Two floors with an abundance of views

In order to enjoy as much of the surrounding view as possible, the builders of this house opted for many glazed surfaces. Windows and sliding doors open up to the south side to make the most of the location. And once again, massive touches of opaque materials ensure that passersby can’t treat themselves to sneak peeks of the interiors.

6. Original glass fronts

In this multi-generational house, it is not only the glazing of the façade facing the garden side that’s a fascinating eye-catcher. The structure also boasts some impressive shapes and neutral hues, particularly on the top volumes, to move away from the usual square shapes and treat us to a more exceptional design.

7. Great glazing

Here we see the outstanding transformation of a residential building from the year 1921. The large glass structure serves to expand the living space and amends the previously rectangular building to an almost square floor plan. Through the complete glazing of the double-storey volume, an extremely light-flooded space is created.

8. Modern contrast

The opaque look of this concrete house is pleasantly loosened by the large glazing. This is due to the almost frameless metal-glass façade, which makes buildings appear much more open and more homely. The façade is also more interesting because of a slight mirroring of the glass fronts.

9. An exceptional design

The greatest possible transparency to the garden and the surrounding nature characterizes this building. The glazing over several floors as well as the colour contrast from the upper and the ground floor distinguish the appearance of this modern residential house. On the upper level, fine-grained, white plaster and a smooth, black plaster were used along with the glass façades. Contrasting with this is the coarse-grained, dark grey structure of the ground floor.

10. A classic house with lots of glass

A building from the 1930s was treated to this generous glazing. The old villa is now very modern and opens up to the garden side. The glass front, which runs over two floors, is particularly impressive in the middle part of the structure, which offers all sorts of insights into the interior.

11. A wooden house with glass

Contemporary, compact and ecologically focused—this wooden house fulfils a lot of dreams. Through the huge glass façade, one is in constant contact with nature and also benefits from a light-filled interior. No wonder this building is primarily designed as a small holiday home for relaxation!

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