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​Which wall colours for the bedroom?

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Your bedroom is the main space in your home where you are most likely to retreat to when in need of rest and recuperation, so it might as well flaunt an appealing design, right? And this brings us to colours; while some hues look neat and nice splashed across all four walls of a room, others tend to become more striking when adorning a single wall. But of course one can also play with unique designs by combining various colours. On the other hand, some soft and neutral tones are always a classic choice. 

See how many options we have? And then we haven’t even begun talking about how those colours change a room’s ambience when combined with different décor pieces and furnishings…

1. Black is beautiful: a luxurious choice for bedrooms

“The little black number” is well known in the fashion industry, but of course this bold hue is also most welcome when it comes to interior design. It portrays a classic elegance and always fits in with another hue, regardless of its subtlety or brightness. What is especially interesting is when a monochrome colour scheme is opted for, like black and white, to produce a stark contrasting effect. 

Combine black with red and you also have an exceptional look, while black interspersed with violet proves to be a most mysterious ambience. But when bringing accessories in gold or silver into a black-coloured bedroom, the result is one of exclusivity and nobility. Even in European culture, black proves to be a most positive choice, especially in design.

2. Natural elegance: lime green

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Lime green is always welcome in the bedroom, as it imparts a natural elegance in addition to a relaxed look. And of course this natural hue also has its place in the living room, where it continues to provide a soothing effect on both you and your guests. 

Lime green is the result of blue, yellow and white mixed together, and the end hue varies depending on the amount that is mixed. When it comes to the psychology of colour, green is associated with youth and freshness, and in the Middle Ages it was seen as the colour of love. 

Attractive, delicate colours like lime green can give each room in the house a stylish, vintage charm that becomes even more prominent when mixed with earthy, wooden tones and stark whites. And don’t forget the visual power when combining green with pastel tones like a soft yellow, light pink or baby blue.

3. Taupe: a trendy treat

The colour taupe is available to us in various hues, from dark-grey tones with a brownish finish right through to more earthy variations as soon as you start mixing in some reds or purples. 

The special power of this colour is how it combines cool greys with earthy and radiant tones, like browns, to produce an elegant hue, which can work a treat for any wall. Combine it with contrasting colours like a strong red or clear white and the result becomes even more striking. However, taupe doesn’t seem to be a very common choice when it comes to bedroom colours, which can be all the more reason for you to try this out in your quest for a more unique-looking sleeping space. 

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4. Noble and fiery: copper red

This hot hue has been a favourite among many for centuries, as it goes back as far as the early days of cave paintings. In the realm of colour psychology, this warm colour is associated with life energy and luck, as it is commonly used for entrance doors to help prevent illness and ward off evil spirits. To this day, the red in Eastern European and Asian countries is an important meaning as a symbol of happiness. 

The colour of copper red, which combines the elegant brown touch of the copper with the fiery glow of a powerful red, is both noble and blazing. In the bedroom, this colour can be combined perfectly with wooden accessories. The mixture with jewellery pieces in subtle, clear grey is particularly modern. The combination with candlesticks, lamps or similar pieces in gold, silver or copper can produce quite the luxurious effect. Together with a copper wall, they create a royal ambience that can be ideal for many spaces, including the bedroom.

5. Magnificently eye catching: golden walls

eclectic Bedroom by Art-In

Роскошный оникс в Умном Доме


Gold stands for exclusive splendour and adds a precious touch to any piece adorned by its hues. Wealth and elegance are linked to gold – even the sun sports this colour most effectively.

When it comes to bedroom walls, a golden hue can be quite eye catching, especially when mixed with whites or creams. A mixture between gold and a contrasting hue, such as navy blue or fresh turquoise, is most unusual, yet can look very stylish if done correctly. What is especially becoming is combining gold with a mysterious violet tone, while mixing bright red and glittering gold produces a powerful-looking effect – both of these colours, after all, can mean vitality and power.

6. Mysterious and extravagant: bedroom walls in violet

The colour violet produces an elegant beauty with special charm, as it is created out of warm red and cool blue. In this way, numerous shades can be created, resulting in various options for bedroom walls seeking a soft, feminine touch. 

Colour psychology tells us that violet has two meanings: its blue aspect is related to intellectuals and thinking, while the red symbolises vitality and sensuality. This gives violet a very unique meaning that can translate perfectly onto a bedroom’s walls. And since it’s a tone that’s not used very often in interior design, it provides a unique flair as well. 

Violet walls in combination with metallic accessories, such as golden bowls or silver candlesticks, look especially noble and luxurious. Combined with white or black, the visual effect is quite elegant. 

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Which wall colours would you pick for your bedroom?
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