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The best locations for your TV

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These days TVs are present in most homes, owing mostly to their affordability and functionality. It’s a device that has undergone immense transformation over the past decades. In the time of our parents and grandparents TVs were black and white, offered limited entertainment around scheduled times, paid little regard to aesthetics, as well as being bulky and heavy. They were not ubiquitous in households as they were prohibitively expensive, meaning few had the means to access them. 

The colour TV made its first appearance in 1954 and from then onwards TVs evolved rapidly. Nowadays TVs are available in LED, curved, 3D, 4K and flat-screen, providing images that seem so real. The evolution hasn't stopped and never will as technology seeks to improve them every year.

Thanks to technological advancements and lowered costs,  many homes now own more than one TV so we've put together a guide for best to put them. 

Take notes and, as always, be inspired!

Living room

We will start with the favourite place to watch TV in a home and, as you have already guessed, we are referring to the living room. This is the room where we want to watch a big, high-tech TV whilst sitting comfortably on the couch, unwinding after a stressful day by watching our favourite series or movie. In those moments we become one with the characters, laughing at comedies and shedding subtle tears at drama and romance.  

The TV in the living room is usually best fitted against the wall opposite the sofa. Always ensure to leave enough space between the TV and the couch otherwise you might end up with a headache! Place a coffee table between the sofa and the TV, which will be the resting spot for snacks, drinks and anything you need close to hand.


The bedroom is a place for resting our bodies and minds. However, TVs are sometimes welcome as you nestle within the blankets, pleasantly warm and probably half asleep before the movie ends. However, electronics in the bedroom are not for everyone as they can disturb sleep, especially those who suffer from poor or a lack of sleep. 

Even if electronics in the bedroom do not bother you it’s a good idea to impose some limits as to when you will stay up watching that new HBO series everyone at work keeps chatting about. It’s also a good idea to align the TV properly with the bed because if it’s too low you will simply not be able to see, while a high position will result in neck strain.


Cooking in the kitchen can occasionally be, in the absence of any interaction,  a lonely exercises. Hence, it's become increasingly common to include a TV in the kitchen for audio companionship.

The TV in the kitchen is usually smaller and can be fixed to a wall with proper support, which may facilitate swivelling on a pivot to allow viewing from different areas of the room, such as the food prep area or dining table. There are also modern fridges that come fitted with a TV! In this sense you might now even consider a TV a kitchen appliance. An indispensable part of arsenal for creating culinary delights!


A TV in the bathroom… why not? Imagine being submerged in a bubble bath, relaxing and enjoying your favourite movie or show. It’s quite tempting, isn't it? Take technology to the most unusual and unpredictable places in order to leave others surprised and delighted. The bathroom and the TV is a nice blend of modernity and eclecticism.

Children's room

To have or not have a TV in the nursery, that is the question! It is often a difficult decision, causing disagreement with the more sceptical. However, it is a decision for parents to make based on their individual judgement. There is no right or wrong.

If you opt for a TV in your child’s bedroom, it will be best to have control over what times your child will watch. It can also be a useful bargaining chip in the parent's hand. If the child’s behaviour is less than satisfactory,  s/he can lose their TV privileges.

If you don’t want to put a TV in your child’s room, you can always place it in the playroom. It will be easier to control and, after all, the room is designed for fun!


Finally, we know that the office is a place of work, however, a TV can make the space a much more comfortable and enjoyable environment. When taking a break there are few things better to distract your mind from your impending workload.

Of course, many TV channels are dedicated to music so playing songs can foster and encourage better productivity. Or if news is part of your work you can watch in real time and keep updated. There are also people who thrive in noisy atmospheres, finding silence distracting. If you’re one of them, perhaps a TV is the perfect solution!

For more inspiration, learn: How To Create The Ideal TV Area.

Where do you have TVs in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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