7 tips to make dark rooms look brighter

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A dark room is often seen as gloomy and oppressive, but dark rooms wall colour doesn't need to be dull and dreary with help from homify. Light up dark rooms with glorious indirect or direct illumination, for a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. So if you're looking for colours to enhance dark rooms in your home, here are 7 awesome tips and tricks to incorporate a bright and cheery decor that is modern and eye-catching from all angles. Accessories, such as lamps, mirrors and glazing are easy to include and budget friendly. Let's take a look for decor inspiration!

1. Light up the corners

Dark rooms don't need to be dim, it just takes time to think about the layout of your lighting. Dingy corners can instantly be a lot more vibrant with the correct placement of lamps, especially in the corner. However, if you're thinking about luxurious illumination, an elegant chandelier at the centre of your room is enchanting and romantic. A dimmer is perfect to modify your lighting for the mood.

2. Bright furniture

Another helpful hint to light up dark rooms is the addition of bright and cheery furniture. These all-white pieces are perfect for a contemporary living space, while the grey and blush hues are perfect for a chic bedroom decor. The natural light against the darker flooring is different yet dynamic. The look is fresh and funky, great for that feminine touch in the bedroom.

3. Contrasts

Although it's easy to incorporate colours for dark rooms, you can also enhance the decor with carefully planned illumination. The headboard includes bedside lamps, while spotlights on the ceiling light up dark rooms in fascinating flavour. The bedroom includes an eye-catching painting for an interesting effect.

4. Bright ceilings

We often enhance and upgrade dark rooms with wall colour, but have you ever thought about how that dark ceiling adds a gloomy ambiance in your space? Halogen spot lights provide extra brightness against the grey and cream colour scheme of the decor, almost like the starry night sky.

​ 5. Interior windows for more light

Dark room often include very few natural light, which is why they can benefit from an interior window. These windows connect two windows and allow for additional lighting to enter the home, ideal for an open-plan living concept. Internal windows should however should not impact on the privacy of the home and should be considered only for the kitchen, dining or living room.

6. The right curtains

Curtains not only protect you from prying eyes, but they also adorn the room, making it feel homely and cosy. Dark rooms can instantly feel brighter and lighter with lighter curtains. Transparent curtains allow light to enter the home and are available in a variety of colors. White curtains light up the room, and go for delicate fabrics instead of thick curtains for an airier environment.

7. Shiny surfaces

Our final image showcases just how amazing mirror and glossy surfaces can be to reflect the light in dark rooms. Since these surfaces not only reflect brightness, but also dark colors, they should be placed in front of bright coloured walls and decorated with vibrant accessories objects. Here are The best tricks for a room without windows

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