​What are the dirtiest things in your house?

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When it comes to hobbies and activities to pass the time, we’re willing to bet good money that nobody will pipe up that they thoroughly enjoy cleaning. Sure, you get the odd individual here and there that claims washing dishes or mopping the floor “soothes” them and allows their mind to wander and, thus, relax – but calling regular household cleaning chores ‘fun’? Not on your life.

And on that note, here are 14 of the filthiest household items that you should really not be skimping on come cleaning day, no matter how much you detest it!

1. Your kitchen sink

Did you know your toilet is no patch in comparison to your kitchen sink when it comes to germ count? Be sure to disinfect that area daily!

Using disinfectant wipes is a great way to get the job done, and keep in mind that to clean with only a sponge and no form of disinfectant means you’re only spreading bacteria around.

2. The kitchen counters

Your kitchen countertops are also prone to millions of germs each and every day and should be wiped with a disinfectant wipe or spray after cooking (thus, three times a day for the average household). 

From professional cleaners to plumbers, we have them all here on homify, and many more. Check out our professionals page.

3. Your fridge

Seeing as you store a lot of uncooked foods in your fridge, it’s a good idea to keep raw meats in sealed containers and keep an eye on leftovers. Clean up any spills immediately and give your fridge a decent wipe-out once a week.

4. Your floors

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The dust you see around your house contains more germs than you’d like to believe. And remember that dust mites flourish in carpets – ugh! Pay extra special attention to sofa pillows and heavy linens, be sure to mop/sweep hardwood- and tile floors and vacuum carpets, rugs and cushions on a weekly basis.

5. Your bath towels

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Those little germs just love warm temperatures, which means your towels are not as clean as you are hoping. Remember: if it’s still wet the next time you use it, it’s a definite sign that there is still bacteria growing. 

Thoroughly dry your towel after every use (hanging it in direct sunlight works faster) and wash it after every few uses (about twice a week, then).

6. The bathroom hand towels

Those hand towels also get a lot of action, especially in larger households. And just think how many guests have used that hand towel in your bathroom! Simply cleanse it in hot water with your other bath towels – easy peasy!

7. Your toilet

That pink biofilm that develops in the toilet bowl is a type of yeast that people are allergic to. And you know what? Flushing your toilet lets its particles spray up to six feet in every direction! 

Be sure to clean the seat and bowl with a disinfectant every week, and pop a bleach tablet into the bowl while you’re at it.

8. Bathroom rugs

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Stomping on a bathmat is a terrific way of stirring up bacteria and spreading them around the house. Be sure to wash these mats in the hottest water on a weekly basis. Should your bathmat not be washable, purchase aerosol disinfectant sprays for the bathroom immediately.

9. Bedroom sheets

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You’d be surprised at just how much filth the average sheet can accumulate in a week. We’re talking sweat, oils and dust mites having a party on that fabric, which is why it’s crucial to wash them weekly in hot water with minimal detergent (to avoid skin irritation), especially if you suffer from acne or asthma.

10. Your children’s toys

Kids, as a standard rule, aren’t big on keeping their hands clean, which means germs and other viruses are having a field day on every item they come into contact with. 

So how can you help? By buying them toys that are easy to clean, like stuffed animals that are machine washable.

11. Your washing machine

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All clothes and undergarments have traces of faeces, and all it takes is one soiled piece to contaminate your washing machine. And did you know you should always wash your hands after removing clothes from the washer?   

To clean your washing machine, run a small load with whites, hot water, and bleach.

12. Makeup brushes

As our faces are covered in oil and dirt, makeup brushes are not the cleanest items in a house either. And not cleaning them means creating the ideal breeding ground for germs. 

With a little baby shampoo and a sponge, get to work: apply the shampoo to the brush, rinse off, and then set out to dry. Repeat at least once a week.

13. Your mobile phone

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How many times a day do you touch your phone? Did you know it’s common for a mobile phone to carry pathogens that can make us sick? 

Wipe your phone with a disinfectant wipe every day. If you’re worried you might damage it, try a UV sanitizer box and use it weekly.

14. Your work desk

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Don’t think your home office or study is safe from germs! As a desk is touched numerous times a day, and probably while eating, it is another prime example of a germ hotspot. 

Treat it to a disinfectant wipe or spray every day. 

homify hint: A person with the flu will spread approximately 80% more germs around the house, which means you will then need to stock up a lot more on those cleaning items and disinfectant wipes. 

The more you know, right? Check out these Clever home cleaning tips.

What other spaces and things, in your opinion, needs double duty come cleaning day?

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