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​Who knew you could wash these in your washing machine?

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Life has definitely become so much easier thanks to a range of inventions, not the least of which is an ever-increasing collection of household appliances. But today we do not wish to bear tribute to the ones in the kitchen that enhance our culinary skills, but rather help make cleaning, particularly laundry, that much more user-friendly. 

And speaking of washing made easier, here’s a list of a few items that you might not have known can be cleansed using your very own washing machine at home.

1. Your bed’s pillows

And here you thought only your pillowcases were important enough to enter the washing machine.

Setting: Gentle cycle with warm water. 

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2. The pads on your patio chair

Ensure your patio or terrace remains stylish and, more importantly, sanitary. And when it comes to larger pillows, don’t force them in; simply wash them one at a time.

Setting: Gentle cycle with cold water.

3. Fluffy’s bed

Believe it or not, your pet’s bed isn’t exempt from being added to your laundry list – but we do recommend you don’t throw this in with your delicates or other clothing items. 

First, though, be sure to remove the cover and remove as much pet hair as possible.

Setting: Regular cycle with hot/warm water, depending on the material. Be sure to check the labels!

4. A small rug

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Indie Style Interiors

Indie Style Interiors—custom rug design

Indie Style Interiors

Note: you can’t put these through the washer too often, and it’s only meant for the ones made of cotton or synthetic fibres. 

Setting: Gentle cycle with cold water.

5. Your sports equipment

You may want to check the type of fabric on the inside, as well as the sides, of the sports equipment – that’s where all the sweat and dirt gather. 

Setting: Regular cycle with warm water.

6. Your oven mitts

You didn’t really think these weren’t dirty, did you? Considering all the different dishes they’ve touched or the fact that they regularly come into contact with your hands and sweat?

Setting: Regular cycle with hot or warm water.

7. Your shoes

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Mish-Mesh storage


There’s a catch, though: only canvas or nylon shoes are acceptable for your washing machine. No trying to sneak a sneaker in! 

Setting: Gentle cycle with cold water to prevent warping.

8. Your backpack

Be sure to remove its contents first, though. 

Setting: Gentle cycle with cold water.

9. Those reusable shopping bags

Again, there are some restrictions: only clot or canvas ones allowed. 

Setting: Gentle cycle with warm water. 

And speaking of getting things clean, you might want to check out these 7 habits to keep your home clean.

Besides the obvious, what other items can also be washed using the washing machine?
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