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Shelves are a household essential, whichever space they are in. We all have items that we need to store or want to display. From our trophies to pots and pans, shelves are pretty much a necessity. Floating shelves offer something a little more stylish allowing for extra space. Coming in a massive range of styles and colours, there is an endless amount to choose from. Make a room stand out with a shelf that has character, such as bathroom shelves or kitchen shelves. Whether the look you are going for is traditional or modern, minimalist or lived in, the shelves below are bound to inspire you and make any room look improved. We always need more storage right? check out our floating shelf ideas below!

Modern Floating Shelves

These shelves are truly stunning. With a mix of a modern design these shelves are truly eye catching with look more like an art piece than just a shelf. Made from Japanese cedar & iron they are very functional and look like a piece of art on the living room wall.

Futuristic Floating Shelf Ideas

These shelves are unique. There is no doubt that they are futuristic with their design. Glowing  red,  they are almost magic and brighten up any space. They would look amazing in a bathroom, a bedroom or a living area, where they could shine (literally) as a centre piece. 

Floating Tiles

Made from solid wood planks from the Panama river bed and inlayed porcelain tiles, these floating shelves made by Wood Style London are perfect for any bathroom. The design means they are naturally waterproof and look great. The wood and tile combination can make them feel contemporary or traditional. They would match many surroundings and interior designs, making them very flexible, as an addition to any bathroom. A great wall shelf idea!

Bathroom Shelves

Floating shelves really do go anywhere. They are not limited to living areas at all. These shelves go perfectly in a shower, or even just in the bathroom if thats a preference. Snuggly fitting in the corner, they sit unobtrusively out of the way. Perfect for keeping all your bathroom items on that are needed daily. They can be put in any corner, at any interval needed, meaning they are handy for an array of design purposes. 

Kitchen Shelf Ideas

Shelves are always needed in any room really. A kitchen is no different to any other room, when it comes to storage. Especially when space is tight, any storage is welcomed and an asset. This kitchen is both modern and rustic all at the same time. The shelves can be made to fit any space and cut to any length. Here there is a lack of cupboard space, which could be for any reason, but the shelves add much needed storage. They are perfect for stocking pots, plates and even condiments.

Unique and Sleek floating Shelf Ideas

This unit of floating shelves is certainly unique and would really fit in any room. We can see it fitting in an office space helping to brighten up any dull day at work. Using shelves in this way is very clever. They offer a lot of storage and mix up exposed and unexposed areas. Meaning you can hide things away that you need, but don't want to display. The rest of the shelving can be used to show off anything you like. They are very contemporary and bright, offering a little bit of fun.

Floating Rectangle Shelf Ideas

Shelves really don't need to be the boring bog standard ones that we remember from our childhoods. A time where practicality overshadowed style. Why compromise on either? We believe you can have style and a shelf that serves a purpose. This modern bathroom is an excellent example of this. Everything here is sleek and new, meaning a boring old shelf would look out of place. Using a floating, almost framed, rectangular shelf helps keep the contemporary feeling going. The rounded edges of it soften the overall appearance of the room too.

Floating Light Shelf Ideas

Another shelving unit where light is used. These shelves are beautiful. In a darkened alcove, the use of light helps the space come to life and have a purpose. Whether there are books or ornaments to be kept on these shelves, we think you will love them. Light seems to beam out from the end and along the glass creating a visual sense of space. It's almost seems a shame to put anything on them at all. Only almost though, because they are there to be used.

Minimalist Style Shelving unit

A space can always be utilised. This room shows just how. Surrounded by cupboards, the inner area is a perfect display area for anything you want. The floating shelves here are light in comparison the the wood around them, making them very appealing. The design is modern with a hint of traditional and it works very well indeed. You can fill shelves as fully or as sparsely as you like and create the look you want. A lot of people opt for minimalist when it comes to shelves, just as in this image.

Contemporary Shelves

With beautiful dark wood against a lighter background, these shelves are lovely. They are very contemporary in design and would look stunning in a variety of decors. They are broken up by the spindles that come down adding to the design and overall look. The depth and shape of them makes them very practical. Items can go inside of them or on top of them, or both! They are a very flexible bit of furniture that look amazing.

Unusual and Quirky Floating Shelf Ideas

These shelves definitely look like floating cubes. They are modern and minimalistic and are almost there just for effect on their own. Of course you could just have them as a statement piece, or you could add things to the tops of them. They are very flexible for their intended purpose and could be a lot of fun. The colour means adding something bright on top of them would really contrast them. Whatever you desire, it will look fabulous. Shelves are a great addition to any room and are certainly essential.

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