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Shelves. Something we just expect to be there and do a job. From holding all of our family photos to just being a place to stick everything that we don't quite know what else to do with. The fact is shelves are essential. They are part of room and deserve as much attention as you give the rest of the detail. They can look amazing and beautiful, as well as help hold all of your treasured photos, ornaments etc.

Wood is an incredible material. It can be naturally dark, light or stripped and painted. We can do anything we like with it ultimately and these shelves show just how flexible it is.

Bedside Shelves

It isn't too often you see shelves like this beside a bed. Usually there is a unit with a drawer or similar in any bedroom. These floating shelves offer something new and different looking. They look clean and simple whist still very much serving their function. Secured to the wall, they will handle a decent amount of weight. As they require drill holes etc, they become a permanent feature, so make sure they are exactly where you want them.

Bathroom Beauties

We think these shelves are stunning. Combined with a drawer they serve a dual purpose. Ultimately you don't have to use them as shelves, but we think this is a waste. Unless of course minimalist is the look that is desired, in which case, we say leave them as they are. These floating shelves/drawers are truly lovely. The wood gives the feeling of nature which we feel is a good touch in a bathroom. It helps soften the cold tiles too. With matching bathroom cabinet, theses are perfect for any modern bathroom.

Cube Effect

Dream Shower Enclosure Aegean Spas Modern bathroom
Aegean Spas

Dream Shower Enclosure

Aegean Spas

Red is a colour that really helps bring out the beauty of wood. These shelves are a great accompaniment to any bathroom and stand out against their red backdrop. The room could look quite dark but the flooring helps contrast it. Having a sense of Asian styling, the whole bathroom has a distinct look. The floating boxes really do add to this look and break the space up. Not to mention that they are perfect for storing your bathroom essentials on.

Very Modern Wood

Shelves are becoming more multifunctional. As with the bathroom set above, they can have shelves or drawers attached to them making them really useful. Here the selves have a small bookcase at one end. The shelf itself is quite deep, meaning it can hold a lot. The wood helps warm the white wall behind it and looks really simplistic. But this look works because the bookcase and shelf are quite full.

Retro Look

These shelves have a vibe of an era gone before them. The colour and shape of the shelves evokes images of the 1970s. Yet they look wonderful and sturdy and certainly not out of place at all. The offset of the colour on the outside with the wood on the inside is lovely. The outside could be made to be any colour you like to match you decor. Whilst the deep shelves will happily hold your ornaments, books or photos.

Wood and Glass

Broken : Floating Shelf byJalmari Living roomShelves

Broken : Floating Shelf


Wood and glass are a pretty classic combination. We love the overall simplicity of this shelf. It just looks lovely and delightful. Very modern and minimalist, it could go anywhere. Or so we think. The combination of materials means that light can reflect and pass through the centre. It would help lighten a small or darker room. It is a simple and clever design. Whatever you decide to use it for, it will not stop pleasing.

Beautiful and Bespoke Wood

This beautiful handmade oak shelf was made by Cairn Wood Design. It is very stunning and just looks perfect. It will frame your objects really well and look incredibly unique whilst doing so. The oak adds a sense of luxury too, giving it an edge over other wooden shelves. The fact that it is handcrafted shows love from the very beginning. You are not just getting a shelf, you are getting something that has been made with passion and heart. The joy of wood, is that it really does go with everything and this shelf is no different. It would fit in with any decor.

Nature Indoors

Simplicity is often the key to true beauty. Do we really need to go overboard with decoration? This shelf is very much stripped back and simple. But this fact is what makes it very beautiful. It is the most basic of designs, but again, this is the appeal of it. It is just really simple and elegant. With the cut out branches acting as the ends and support of the shelf, it looks minimalist and just stunning.

Curvacius and Simple

As wood can be shaped almost any way we like, it can look amazing. This shelf has a simple curve to it that gives it an added appeal. It isn't your standard shelf, but still serves the same basic function. However you want to improve your living space, a set of shelves like this will certainly help it. The curves doesn't make them un-fucntional either, it just helps add character to the overall effect of the room.

Sunset Yellow

ON&ON Shelving System homify Living roomShelves

ON&ON Shelving System


Wood does look at its most beautiful in its natural state. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't liven it up a bit either. We like a bit of colour and the yellow splash here is a great way to brighten any room. Whether it be for a student house or teenage bedroom , these shelves are long and deep enough to store a variety of items on them. They are perfect for just helping things stand out and offer a refreshing splash of colour.

Wood Really is Good

Wood is just one of natures best materials. It goes with everything. No matter what you do with it, or what colour it is, it just seems to match. Its such a neutral material, but lovely at the same time. This shelf would fit any minimalist area. You can add, or not, anything you want to it. From tasteful decorations to adored family photographs, it would just be there to display them.

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