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How to decorate like an interior designer—but for little money!

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We'd all love to get our homes looking so well put together that naturally, all visitors assume that we've hired a top interior designer, but it's no secret that very few of us can actually justify the expense of a pro! There are, however, a few tips that will help you to get that special finish, for significantly less cash and we want to tell you all about them, today!

Essentially, it's all a case of shopping just that little bit more savvily, whilst also knowing exactly where you should be looking for bargains and how you can use a little creativity to your advantage. Regardless of which rooms you want to lavish some extra attention on, from your master bedroom through to the kitchen, we have some amazing ways that you can get the designer look for less, so let's begin!

1. Go to charity shops and car-boot sales!

If you love bargain hunting then this tip will be right up your street! By getting yourself along to charity shops and car-boot sales, you'll not only be privy to some great prices, you will also find a host of furniture items and accessories that are no longer currently for sale, making them more exciting

2. Clear the decks first.

This is a great idea! Before you start looking for new and exciting pieces for your home, make sure you have a really good clear out of all the junk that is already in there! Anything broken, too tatty to be shabby-chic or even just outdated things you've been meaning to replace, get rid! The free space will really motivate you to find new items.

3. Have a go at some DIY.

Traditional Wooden Seed Tray:  Garden  by Lilac Coast
Lilac Coast

Traditional Wooden Seed Tray

Lilac Coast

If you can picture something that you know would look amazing in your home and really give it that designer look that you've been coveting, but you simply can't find anything ready-to-purchase, why not have a go at making it yourself? If it comes out perfect, that's brilliant, but if it doesn't, you can simply say that it has a shabby-chic twist!

4. Unleash your inner artist.

Colour Clouds, Chili:  Walls & flooring by Rebel Walls
Rebel Walls

Colour Clouds, Chili

Rebel Walls

You don't need a certified art degree to be able to make your walls something truly beautiful. Interior designers are adept at using the latest and greatest paint techniques, decals, wallpaper and even raw materials to make interior walls a little more standout and special, but you can do the same! Why not focus on the colours that you want to use and go from there, letting your inner creativity take over?

5. Bring back the past.

Our Ozero crystal chandelier in Anna Casa showroom:  Offices & stores by Manooi

Our Ozero crystal chandelier in Anna Casa showroom


You can't have failed to notice that most interior designers seek to create a sense of contrast and timelessness by injecting some retro touches and you should absolutely follow suit! Even something as simple as a solo vintage armchair will give your home a strikingly well considered aesthetic. Even a light fixture will have the same impact!

6. Embrace some upcycling projects.

Before you throw everything you already own out, take an objective look at what could be made beautiful again, just with a fabulous lick of paint or some funky patterns. In one weekend, you could easily breathe new life into a whole patio furniture set, or even a dining room suite!

7. What about sample sales?

eclectic Study/office by Holzsteinkunstobjekte

Stehlampe/Holzlampe ! Upcycling !


If you love a bargain but still prefer to buy new, sample sales are something you should definitely look out for! Social media channels are a great place to start, as all designers announce last minute and secret sales via their profiles. Sign up if you want to be in teh know!

8. Repurpose some household items.

Finally, if upcycling and DIY don't quite hit the mark on their own, how about combining the two? Anything that your family has outgrown or perhaps no longer uses much, can be taken and transformed, like this skateboard, which has become a stylish and unusual coat rack. Remember: the weirder something is, the less people can doubt that it is designer-inspired, so just go for it!

For more amazing home ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: Quick and easy DIY renovations.

Which of these ideas are you going to try out?
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