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Wooden wall shelf ideas that wow

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Style is such a personal thing and while some of us may favour more minimalist furniture and accessorising, others are keen to not only fill a home with interesting items, but also display them for everyone to see. This in itself leads to a conundrum; how do you put your beloved items on display and stay aligned with the overarching theme of the room? The obvious solution is to choose a display system that offers a unique style and personality all of it's own and we think we have found some perfect examples.

Take a look at the following wooden wall shelf ideas and see if you are inspired to opt for a natural material that can have as much character as you and the room you are installing it in.

Built-in brilliance

A paradox of the highest order, this built-in wooden wall shelf is both understated and a focal point for the entire room. Huge in stature but finished discreetly, thanks to being painted the same colour as the wall, this unit both blends into the background and screams look at me!. Ideal for storing and displaying books, trinkets and even art pieces, this large-scale wooden wall shelf is perfectly at home in the relatively minimal living space that it occupies and even necessitates a library ladder. Be honest; you've always wanted one of those, haven't you?

Delightfully dark

Richmond kt-id Living roomShelves



If a built-in wooden wall shelf appeals, but the stark white is not to your taste, how about embracing something a little more traditional? Still fabulously practical, this example, from kt-id, showcases another large installation, this time finished in what appears to be a beautiful dark wood. The rich warmth of the wood looks nothing short of stunning next to the colourful book spines and naturally dictates the rest of the furnishings, allowing for more organic colours to take centre stage. Perfect for an older property or a new building, this wooden wall shelf will seamlessly fit with any decorating styles to offer a practical storage and display solution.

Retro romance

Reminiscent of the traditional wooden wall shelf units from the 1970s, this incredible installation looks nothing short of up to date and really at home in this picture. Perfectly mounted on the wall, the shelves and cupboard spaces offer practicality alongside beauty and add a new texture and material to an otherwise fairly sterile room. Predominantly grey and silver, this room benefits greatly from the inclusion of the wooden wall shelf that unequivocally draws focus thanks to it's enormous size and delightful colour.

Wide load

Don't assume that just because you don't super high ceilings you can't enjoy the effect of a large wooden wall shelf, as this example blows that theory clean out of the water. Making the most of the space available, this clever design not only uses the full width of the room to great effect, it actually gives the appearance of a higher ceiling too, thanks to the space left both above and underneath the unit. The use of subtle lighting, sunk into the ceiling, adds to the overall effect of being in a gallery and makes this wooden wall shelf really come to life and draw the eye.

Barely there

And now for something completely different! From large-scale, built-in, monolithic installations, we turn to the ultimate in minimal chic. This wooden wall shelf is as simple as it is chic, offering less in the way of usable display space but more in the sense of effortless elegance and clever design. Perfectly at home on a crisp white wall, this shelf would work well in any room of the house, displaying treasured trinkets and knick-knacks beautifully, without detracting from them. This is faultlessly exuding fashion and functionality in equal measures.

Bright ideas

While a wooden wall shelf is the ultimate in practical storage, units can fall prey to being purely perfunctory and not exciting. That can't be said for this colourful unit however, which is perfect for a child's bedroom or as a statement piece in a living room. Built from solid timber, the colourful drawer facades help to transform this wooden wall shelf from nice to spectacular, without negating any of the usefulness. Drawers can be removed, providing more open shelf units, or vice versa, making this a unit that will do everything you need it to, while making a bright statement.

Marvellously meta

If you are looking for a wooden wall shelf for your home, how about approaching the task with a more meta mindset and opting for a shelf shaped like the house? A fun, pared back and practical installation, this wooden wall shelf offers children the opportunity to take control of their belongings and display them as they want to. Perfect for adding some whimsy to your child's room, while supporting autonomous development, this shelf is almost too cute to keep hidden away in a bedroom!

Culinary cuteness

Our Industrial Showroom homify Industrial style kitchen

Our Industrial Showroom


As we head into the kitchen, we are also getting back to basics. A wooden wall shelf can, as we have demonstrated already, be as large and ornate or as small and simple as you want it to be and here we see an example of minimalism meeting tradition with this adorable kitchen shelf. Complete with mug pegs and enough space for frequently used condiments and cookery books, this small but mighty wooden wall shelf ticks all the right boxes, while contributing to the beautiful and understated style of the room as a whole.

Darling display

If you favour a shabby chic style of decoration, a wooden wall shelf could be the perfect addition to your home. Ideal for displaying all your ornaments and trinkets, a wooden wall shelf, such as the one pictured here, will seamlessly integrate itself into your existing theme and offer a practical way of stowing and keeping your favourite items safe. Adding a glass front adds an extra level of protection, so this would be ideal for displaying items that are either more valuable or delicate.

X marks the spot

Looking at more minimal wooden wall shelf ideas, there was no way that we couldn't include this fabulous piece. Perfect in it's simplicity and breathtaking in it's effortless elegance, this wooden wall shelf makes a definite style statement, but in a hushed whisper. Perfect for use in a home office or study, this shelf unit may offer less in the way of practical storage space, due to the shape of the recesses, but remains ideal for books, stationary or even fabric.

For more shelving inspiration, take a look at the following ideabook: 7 of the best creative wall shelves.

Which of these shelves have piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments!

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