Brilliant brick wall designs

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Don't be fooled into thinking that bricks are just a structural material at play in your house, as they can also be a key decorative feature and a style statement that dictates the rest of your finishes. Perfect for a host of design styles, including modernism and shabby chic, exposed bricks are enjoying increased popularity.

Beautiful in any room and perfect for personalising, brick wall designs can be welcomed into your home easily, so take a look at these examples and see if you could be tempted to embrace some bare brick beauty in your property.

Marvellous media centre

If you're not sure that a bare brick room or wall is for you, perhaps you should think about considering some more subtle brick wall designs. This example shows not only how amazing an exposed brick feature can look but also how well they work with existing furniture and design styles. Blending seamlessly with the exposed beam, simple white walls and eclectic furniture, the wall simultaneously stands out and integrates, making it an important part of the room but not the sole defining feature. Mirroring the warmth of the natural wood in the room, the wall design is a testament to the use of symbiotic materials to create a welcoming space.

Bedroom-friendly bricks

Master Bedroom TG Studio Modern bathroom
TG Studio

Master Bedroom

TG Studio

When considering audacious brick wall designs to include inside your home, don't only think about communal areas as potential locations; how about including a beautiful exposed brick wall in your bedroom as well? Potentially the last place you would think to include what could be seen as an industrial feature, your bedroom is actually the perfect place to inject with a little edgy design style. Contrasting wonderfully with the soft furnishings, comforting colours and inherent sense of relaxation, the bricks inject character and a welcome burst of earth tones.

Exposed but not bare

If a large expanse of red brick doesn't appeal or align with your design aesthetic but the shape and style of bricks does, there is a simple solution; paint them! A gorgeous example of how stunning painted bricks can look, this picture eloquently brings to life just how versatile they are, as a material. The scope for personalisation is virtually endless as any colour will work well, blending in with or accentuating your existing colour scheme. The white, seen here, is particularly popular in houses that feature a shabby chic style or a minimalist vibe.

Just a hint

Brick wall designs do not have to be as all-encompassing as they sound. You might be picturing a huge room, bereft of plaster with all four walls displaying bright red terracotta blocks, but scale things back a little bit and you will see that exposed brick wall designs can be subtle, small and used as an accent just as easily as a statement piece. This breakfast bar perfectly mirrors the back kitchen wall, bringing natural materials into an already texture-rich environment that benefits from warm and inviting tones.

Blended beauty

What a stunning kitchen! Everything here just seems to work perfectly together doesn't it? From the open-back shelves to the wooden cabinets, butler sink and, of course, that beautiful exposed brick wall! Injecting the room with a natural rustic charm, organic warmth and a sense of comfort, it is easy to see why bare brick wall designs are experiencing a surge in popularity. Far from looking industrial or unfinished, brick wall designs offer a tactile alternative to plaster and other finishing techniques that run the risk of robbing period properties, in particular, of their character.

Full-on feature

While subtlety and unstated chic are important to some, if you are keen to make a big statement that really catches the eye of anyone that walks into your home, consider brick wall designs on a massive scale. Shown here, by Parrado Arquitectura, in a room that benefits from a very high ceiling, the fully exposed wall really stands out, thanks in no small part to the tone of the bricks. If you are keen to maintain a bright finish, there are a number of brick sealing treatments available to ensure your wall never fades, though it might take a while to brush on a coat if your wall is similarly sized to this one!

Shabby chic and subtle

Boston Light Grey Console Table and TV Unit The Cotswold Company Country style living room
The Cotswold Company

Boston Light Grey Console Table and TV Unit

The Cotswold Company

A wonderful compromise between exposed and painted, this whitewashed effect makes beautiful use of the natural bricks, while demonstrating how they can be adapted to fit any design and decorating genre. Perfect for a shabby chic-loving house, this look offers a far more casual alternative to a perfect paint application and makes the most of imperfections in the walls themselves. Brick wall designs do not have to be as perfect and uniform as you may think, with nuances, chips and character all being perfectly acceptable, if not anticipated (especially in walls that have previously been plastered and subsequently stripped). A light paint-wash highlights the beauty of an exposed brick wall, while remaining homely and cosy.

Subdued surround

The Great Lodge | Large Grey Painted Kitchen with Exposed Brickwork Humphrey Munson Country style kitchen
Humphrey Munson

The Great Lodge | Large Grey Painted Kitchen with Exposed Brickwork

Humphrey Munson

We have already established that exposed brick wall designs work really well in a kitchen space, bringing organic warmth and character, but for a space that clearly follows a 'less is more' approach, using bare bricks sparingly and to garner a certain effect can make a huge impression. Though relatively modern in style, this kitchen has nuances of tradition, not least the beautiful exposed brick fireplace that now houses the cooker. Complimenting the red brick tones in subtle ways, such as with the earth-toned checked Roman blind, allows the relatively small feature of the room, the brickwork, to become a real focal point.

Practical spaces

If you have considered including bare brick wall designs inside your home but can't quite get to grips with the idea of it in communal areas, such as living rooms and kitchens, have you thought about making them a stand alone feature in your hallway? As transitional areas, daring design features can work well in hallways and corridors because a fleeting glance is all they will get. Here we see exposed brickwork working phenomenally well against the bare wooden staircase and drinking in the natural light pouring through the large windows before exuding a welcoming, natural warmth that guests will be enveloped by as soon as they enter. With walls this gorgeous, who needs pictures?

Rustic charm

There is one style of decorating that naturally includes exposed brick wall designs more than others and that is of course, rustic. Synonymous with natural materials, warm tones, imperfect finishes and design nuances that are reminiscent of farmhouses, rustic styling seeks to bring the outdoors inside, to create a warm, inviting and cosy space, free of pretension. This example has a little bit of everything that has come to be associated with the genre; exposed brick walls, stone tiles, natural wood and muted textile tones and it's simply lovely.

For more brick wall inspiration, take a look at the following ideabook: Innovative brick wall design.

Are you keen to bring bare bricks back into your home? Let us know in the comments!

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