​The kitchen: 10 great ideas for walls

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Isn’t it strange how kitchen walls don’t always get the attention they deserve, as we’re mostly focused on other elements such as the appliances and countertops? Well, all that’s about to change, as we shift our focus today to come up with various ideas on how your kitchen’s beauty can be enhanced via wall designs – who knew it could be so easy?

1. Rustic tiles

If you’re a devout follower of the rustic design, then some cute tiles should be right up your alley. These mosaic/Mediterranean ones definitely bring an eye-catching touch to this kitchen without dominating the entire space. 

And just see how beautifully it enhances the rustic woodwork of the walls and cabinetry.

2. The elegance of geometry

How about something equally stunning, yet more modern? This white wall has been treated to a very futuristic-looking hexagonal design that resembles honeycombs. This creates a gorgeous design and a play on shapes and colours – how inspirational!

3. Rural decoration

You may not be privy to a beautiful landscape view in your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you should do without some pretty flowers or meadows – that’s the beauty of tile designs. 

Should this be something you are considering, bear in mind to focus on only a small part of the kitchen wall as not to disturb the space’s style and make it seem too busy.

4. Tiles and wallpapers

How about bringing in some colours and shapes via wallpapers? This vertical-line design perfectly complements the cream-coloured subway tiles of the backsplash. 

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5. Natural stone

Ever considered bringing some raw and rough natural stone into your kitchen’s design? It’s a sure-fire way of ensuring all eyes are on your culinary space – plus, just see how strikingly the raw wall surfaces contrast with the modern furniture.

6. Stone with a modern twist

Even if you don’t live in a rustic abode you can still enjoy that raw style via a wall design. Just see how eye-catching this wall becomes via its stone texture. And there are so many alternatives to using real stone, like wallpaper or painting!

7. Practical and imaginative

Who said the kitchen isn’t the perfect space to unleash your artistic side? Some wall space and blackboard paint is all that’s needed for this option – and see how much potential it conjures up!

Quite the perfect idea if you have little ones around the house.

8. Photographic beauty

Vinyl plates for a backsplash means you can get real creative with imagery in your kitchen, as those surfaces are protected from humidity and splatters. And some suppliers/designers even allow you to create your own photographic/artistic designs to make your kitchen even more personal.

9. Highlighting wood

This example shows us how remarkable wood can be when applied to cabinetry- and wall designs, adorning a one-of-a-kind kitchen that’s sure to be copied over and over by others.

10. Colourful accents

Not too much wall space in your kitchen? A splash of paint here and a piece of wall art there can still produce a stunning effect, especially once you start playing with complementing or contrasting colours. And don’t forget to add a few décor items to enhance your kitchen’s style even more. 

Let’s see Where to spend and where to save on your kitchen upgrade.

Which ideas will you be using for your kitchen?

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