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Garage doors and gates your home deserves

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When we talk about garage doors, it's important to have a little flexibility in your definition. What one person would think of as a suitable location for protecting their car might be entirely different to another's, so for the sake of no arguments, let's take a look at some doors that make for ideal car housing, not necessarily just garages!

Whether part of an individual building, specifically designed to only house cars, or as a driveway barrier, a garage door offers an extra level of assurance that your four-wheeled prize possession will be safe, even when you're not in it. We've found some of the best examples of garage doors, so let's take a look and see what appeals to you the most!


When convenience is key, we don't think anything can beat an electric garage door. Though many people don't mind having to leave their car to open up the garage, we think having a remote controlled option really helps you to set the bar a little higher when it comes to home luxuries.

We think this example, showcased by Beth Nejm, is the ultimate in easy to use elegance, but then again, this isn't exactly your average garage is it? Finished with what looks to be striated teak, this is one car home that has not been hurried or finished to a small budget. It is fabulous though, isn't it?


For guaranteed all weather protection that will act as a definite deterrent to any potential car thieves, a large metal door could be the perfect solution. Not only does this example look imposing, impenetrable and fit for purpose, it actually looks fantastic too!

Don't think that you have to cast aside your design and style hats in order to build a garage, as you can create something that is as fabulous as your main home, works symbiotically with it and features the latest and greatest accessories. We think this garage is as stylish as it is functional.


If a little touch of tradition is more what you are after when selecting a garage door that will work well with your home, wood could be your new favourite material. Fabulously pliable and easy to customise, wood can offer you the kind of design freedom that many other materials can't, while still being exceptionally strong.

We think that something large and chunky, like these gates pictured here, would be a great addition to any garage and far from blocking out all the light, the intricate grid design will allow for airiness, as well as an easy way to check on your car, without opening up the space entirely. Fantastic!


Automatic remote controlled steel sliding gates AGD Systems Eclectic style garage/shed
AGD Systems

Automatic remote controlled steel sliding gates

AGD Systems

Technically this is more of a driveway option, but we think this sliding gate could easily be adapted to become a suitable garage door and just think of the options that this would afford you! Not only could you have a totally bespoke ironwork design drawn up and manufactured just for you, you could include pointed spears, as seen here, to ensure that nobody is taking your car without your permission!

If fitted with an electronic system, that would allow you to slide the door open from the comfort of your car, we think this design would make for a truly eye-catching and covetable garage. Who knows, people might be more jealous of your door than you car!


Double doors that concertina out to reveal your garage? Yes please! The absolutely ideal solution for houses that are a little more pared back or traditional, a shutter style garage door would work in a myriad of settings. 

Just picture a lovely converted barn, out in the UK countryside. With a stonework garage in place, how lovely would some plain wooden shutter style double doors look? Amazing, right? Now picture those doors on a garage next to a minimalist cube house, painted white. They look great there too, don't they? That's the inherent joy of simple, classic designs; they can and do work everywhere.

Up and over

Frequently bought and installed, metal up and over doors are the perfect addition to any garage, as long as you have the roof space to accommodate the rollers and the arm strength to lift them up. Naturally, we are all about modern technology, so this could be another opportunity to install electronic controls that will simply lift the door for you.

A simple and timeless answer to the question of which garage door to fit, up and over doors can be made in a range of styles, colours and finishes, so you can still enjoy customisation, but on a more modest budget.


Even if you love your car and want to protect it as much as possible, both from theft and the elements, don't feel as though you absolutely have to install a garage door! Take a look at this beautiful freestanding wooden garage and you'll see that it is merely the structure and a roof, no doors or sides at all, yet the vehicles are still adequately protected. For a simpler home, or one that is not overlooked by neighbours, this could be an elegant and less imposing way to house treasured cars.

For a little more garage inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Your Handy Guide To Garage Harmony. Once you have your dream garage in place, you will naturally want to keep it clean and tidy, so we have compiled some great tips for you!

Would any of these doors/gates suit your home? Tell us which one you liked most!

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