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The Ultimate British Loft Conversion

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Shoreditch Gregory Phillips Architects Modern houses
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When we think of loft conversions, it's often with a bit of a rose tinted, movie-inspired hue about it. We picture vast, spacious rooms, finished in white, with fabulous art hanging on the walls and though this might not be the norm, we have found something that really embodies this high-level utopia, here in the UK!

With unused commercial buildings frequently being snapped up by developers, it's the top level apartments that really draw the most interested parties, with loft living having firmly travelled across the Atlantic from New York to inspire UK urbanites.

Take a look at this totally mind-blowing loft conversion in Shoreditch, London (one of the most fashionable locations within the city currently) and think about if a home up in the clouds could be for you.

Dramatic skyline

With St. Paul's Cathedral and various banking buildings lighting up the background, it could be difficult to pick out what we are going to take a closer look at in this Ideabook, but then you notice a great swathe of glazing, with the lower panels opened out and suddenly it all becomes clear!

Gregory Philips Architects, the team behind this spectacular home in Shoreditch, have clearly leapt at the opportunity to create a home that is geared purely toward luxurious living in a cramped city and if this subtle exterior shot is anything to go by, the interior is going to blow us away.

Rear window

Doesn't this look like a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock film? Here we are, the voyeurs, looking out and into an amazing apartment, trying to decipher some of the styling and details, but we are simply getting distracted by the overall drama of this view!

With two floors clearly defined, this loft conversion offers all the comforts of a far larger home and we can just about see that open plan living has become a central feature. Just as in our fantasies, there is a huge amount of white being put to use, so let's get inside and get a real feel for the layout!

Living large in a small space

We can now see that far from being an enormous apartment, this is actually a relatively demure and modest space but one that has been decorated and divided in such a way as to make it feel far bigger and retain a great deal of functionality. 

The use of white and polished metal helps to keep natural light circulating, while the minimalist decor prevents clutter from shrinking the space at all. This fantastic open plan kitchen/dining/living room floor looks nothing short of amazing, but we are keen to see how everything has been tied together.

Simple chic

What a gorgeous bedroom! Finished with the same rich dark wood parquet flooring as the rest of the loft, the continuity is drawn through with the minimalist decor scheme as well. Just look at that built-in storage that almost disappears into the wall! Even a rug would be considered too flamboyant and unnecessary for this space, as it's the simplicity that really makes it shine.

With privacy not as much of an issue as it would be for lower apartments, it makes perfect sense to make the higher floor an open bedroom, as this will allow a cohabiting couple to communicate regardless of where each party is. 

No lost space

With any open plan home, the key to getting more value from your footprint is not letting any space go unused or at least undecided as to its functionality. We love that this kitchen, complete with a small dining area, has been left uncomplicated, but there is no doubt that this whole rear section of the apartment is for cooking and eating only. 

Again, we see that rich parquet flooring working its magic and helping to further elevate the luxurious nature of this home and it makes the dark elements of the kitchen really pop too. What an amazing way to add a second colour hue as a stark contrast!

Luxury at every turn

When all the rooms in your home have been finished to exacting standards and follow a prescribed colour scheme, it wouldn't make sense to skimp at the last stage and overlook the detailing in the bathroom. We never had any concerns of that here and just look at how right we were!

A testament to modern design and ultimate luxury, this bathroom, though small, is perfectly functional, with a wet room set up for early morning showers, a sunken bathtub for relaxing evenings and even individual sinks. We should remain impartial, but is there any chance we could move in here? Pretty please!

For more loft inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Outstanding Loft Conversions. We think you'll love some of the decor schemes!

Would you consider swapping your house to live in a loft? If not, why not? Share your thoughts with us!

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