​33 tips to decorate your house on a budget

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We’re constantly evolving and changing our minds, which of course means that our living spaces also undergo the occasional transformation – well, as much as our budgets allow, anyway. Sometimes it’s something small like re-painting our hallways, other times it’s a bit bigger like adding a swimming pool to the back yard (with the help of a professional, obviously). 

But should you have the itch to take your interiors up a notch without breaking the bank, then consider today’s piece tailor-made for you, for we are going to share not 10, not 15, but 33 clever tricks on how you can flaunt some major style while still keeping to a strict budget!

1. Tiles don’t have to cost a pretty penny, which means re-tiling a small space (like a kitchen) can be a snap.

2. Mix and match your dining chairs a bit to create variety.

3. Do you know how cheap wall decals are? And do you know how catching they can make a room look?

4. Why not coat one wall of your room in a bright colour to conjure up a fabulous focal point?

5. There’s no limit to how creative you can get with floating shelves!

6. String garden lights around the house? Why ever not?

7. A few framed photographs on a wall can instantly add character and personality.

8. Contrasting colours or materials never go unnoticed and are a wonderful way to generate changes.

9. Ever considered building a bookcase out of wooden pallets?

10. How about painting your dining chairs in various colours for a fresh ambience?

11. Cost-effective stickers can look like expensive wall art pieces if done correctly.

12. Wallpaper that looks like a raw and rustic brick wall? Now you’re talking!

13. Sometimes all that’s needed to revive a room is a simple cleaning- and straightening-up session.

14. A piece of wallpaper to style up your kitchen backsplash? Just make sure it’s moist resistant.

15. Chalkboard paint is not just for children’s rooms, you know!

16. If you’re the creative kind, you might want to consider making some paper ornaments to test your DIY skills.

17. A hanging rod can instantly add new hanging/storage space to a room.

18. Never underestimate the style power of some potted pretties.

19. While maps may only work for a particular taste, they can introduce a very savvy and interesting style to a home.

20. Wallpaper or a wall mural can instantly turn your entire bedroom’s look around.

21. Scout the garage sales for some recycled furniture pieces you can style up.

22. Give your bathroom a fresh and playful vibe with some wall decals / stickers.

23. A coat rack creates a very welcoming entrance and is a great idea when it comes to filling an entrance hall.

24. Mirrors not only add visual space, but help cast light around the room.

25. A scatter cushion or two on your patio is sure to brighten up your entire façade.

26. A hanging chair in the house? Now that’s one element that will never go unnoticed.

27. Take to the walls to show off your artistic side with a paintbrush.

28. A simple wall clock can add an elegant touch to any room.

29. Green walls or vertical gardens can enhance a home and inject a refreshing look and feel into your living spaces.

30. Remember those little DIY paper ornaments you made earlier? How would they look styling up a hanging mobile?

31. Some new boxes or baskets can add colour and functionality to a space in need of some storage.

32. New lighting in the kitchen? It’ll change the whole room, trust us!

33. A new rug is the quickest way to add personality and a soft underfoot sensation to a room.

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What other big-style-for-little-money tips can you share with us?

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