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Amazing kitchen wall cupboards

Steph Mann Steph Mann
Handle less Polar white Glamour PTC Kitchens Modern kitchen
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A kitchen can ultimately be made by how much storage it offers. Exposed storage sometimes suits it really well, however this isn't for everyone. Some people like to hide away their kitchen belongings and only show the things they are proud of. This is where wall cupboards can come in.

We love the idea of storage that is beautiful and functional. Below we have put together some of the stunning, the modern and the traditional so you can see what can work in terms of wall cupboards and althea varying styles.

Modern Beauty

By any stretch of the imagination, there is no way we could describe this kitchen as classic. Everything about it is just modern, bright and contemporary. It is a little like marmite, in many ways, but we love it. The styling, the bright colours and the clean lines are wonderful to look at. The wall cupboards are just part of the design and blend in really well with the drawers and even the blinds match. Everything about it is fresh.

Almost Animalistic

This kitchen is almost animalistic with the print on the cupboards.The tiles match the units very well and everything sits comfortably together. We like the way there are a lot of wall cupboards in the design. There is so much storage here, we feel that it is ample for an essentially small space. There are even cupboards above cupboards, meaning there are three levels of storage here. There is no limit to how you design wall cupboards.

Classic Cupboards

We love a bit of tradition. The green of this kitchen makes it feel warm and traditional. The island in the middle has a wooden work surface which contrasts the shiny black of the other work surfaces around the edge of the room. The wall cupboards here are limited, but we wanted to show something a little different here. There is a large pantry cupboard too, which takes away the need for other additional wall cupboards. 

Modern and Spacious

The Burnham Refurbishment homify Modern kitchen

The Burnham Refurbishment


With a modern kitchen comes the idea of space, or at least the illusion of it. We don't expect a modern kitchen to look dark and cramped. This kitchen is a good use of space and creates an area thats wecloming and very open. The island is a place to sit and meet and greet your family. The use of cupboards all around the walls really helps keep everything stored nicely away, whilst freeing up the rest of the kitchen.

Galley Style

Cornforth White Shaker Kitchen homify Classic style kitchen

Cornforth White Shaker Kitchen


Long and sleek is sometimes the only space we have for a kitchen. In this sort of space a galley style kitchen can be favoured for the shape. Designed by Maple Gray, this kitchen is beautiful. It is incredibly simple and almost minimalistic. The handles on the drawers are barely noticeable. The large and almost exaggerated wall unit is four shelves high and absolutely perfect. We love the flexibility it offers in terms of storage. It looks amazing and the size means it can hold a lot.

Modern Chic

Cedarcarte Garden living Applecrate Modern kitchen

Cedarcarte Garden living


Once more we see a modern kitchen that uses white. This is because white is clean to the eye and from a design point of view, we want any kitchen to appear clean. White also helps reflect light, helping spaces look open and larger. Here the wall cupboards are well positioned to maximise storage. There is even one above the love and microwave to take every part of the space and make it useful.

Tones of Copper

​White and grey Schuller units with solid black Dekton worktops (by Cosentino) AD3 Design Limited Modern kitchen
AD3 Design Limited

​White and grey Schuller units with solid black Dekton worktops (by Cosentino)

AD3 Design Limited

We think the colours in this kitchen are stunning. The suspended kitchen lights made of copper go with the lovely orange tiles. These colours give a feeling of warmth to the room, given that the units are white and the work surface is black. However the slate grey wall cupboards break the colour scheme up a bit, whilst still fitting in with the modern design. Everything blends well here and we really like it.

Colour Splash

Single Storey Extension, Roxborough Rd II London Building Renovation Modern kitchen
London Building Renovation

Single Storey Extension, Roxborough Rd II

London Building Renovation

This kitchen looks like one of those apps you can use where you add a colour splash to a black and white photo. It is simply stunning. The green adds a lovely feeling to the room and breaks the whole kitchen up very well. The white cupboards on the ground are plentiful, as are the wall cupboards. Both have a rounded edge to help soften the overall look of the kitchen and mirror the round edge of the table. It is a very bright and open space with lots of storage.


Deseo - Alta and Deda Deseo Modern kitchen

Deseo—Alta and Deda


Whatever way you like your kitchen to be designed, we have shown you a large variety. This one is very minimalist in design. You can't see any clutter or handles on the drawers or cupboards. The wooden cupboards look beautiful and the grain draws your eye down the way to the blue units, then we look at the grey wall cupboards. It is a lovely design that uses the space extremely well. It has ample storage and the shapes of the wall unit is something very unique.

Small Spaces

Handle less Polar white Glamour PTC Kitchens Modern kitchen
PTC Kitchens

Handle less Polar white Glamour

PTC Kitchens

Small spaces are the sort of spaces that really benefit from using the walls to mount cupboards on. This kitchen is small and tight on space, but it still looks modern and large enough. This is due to the white on the cupboards once more. The wall cupboards offer up much needed space too and are sleek and fit in very well. They are slimmer than normal so as not to jut out too far and make the room feel smaller. The simplicity of making them slimmer makes the room feel wider.

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