​23 gardens to decorate your home’s entrance

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As we all know the importance of first impressions, it’s best to come up with a style and design that will make your house’s entrance come to vibrant life. Although there are numerous ways in which this can be achieved, we want to focus on one of the more effective (and fun) ways today: growing an eye-catching garden, either by yourself of with the use of a seasoned landscape architect / gardener, that is sure to floor any guest coming within a few feet of your front door.

1. Horizontal timber slabs decorated by snow-white pebbles.

2. A corner bursting with tropical plants.

3. A simple little stone garden adding texture and pattern to your outdoor space.

4. Just see how diverse flowers and colours add a striking design to this garden.

5. Are you brave enough to add a garden pond to your entrance?

7. Don’t underestimate the style power of a vertical / green garden.

8. A wooden pergola can be a fabulous focal point.

9. Or how about a stunning fountain feature?

10. An elegant garden design complete with lighting? How fabulous!

11. We just love the way in which pebbles and stones complete this unique entrance.

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12. Elongated stepping stones + round shrubs = a walkway to remember.

13. Even the smallest of gardens can be stunningly colourful.

14. Let your choice of flowers/plants complement your façade’s colours.

15. How eye-catching is this bamboo design?

16. Wood will always be a wonderfully versatile material.

17. Ensure your front garden isn’t so lush that it eclipses your entrance.

18. Why not take inspiration from the desert for a stylish-yet-subtle look?

19. Or something more lush and tropical, perhaps?

20. Would something of an Asian persuasion work for your entrance?

21. Or the less-is-more look could also be fantastically subtle.

22. Who says you can’t have an interior garden as well?

23. The style power of climbing plants – just look how lovely this front entrance is!

You might want to have a look at these 10 marvellous garden additions for you to consider!

Which garden design can do wonders for your front entrance?

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