14 staircase designs that are ideal for small homes

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Staircases are so much more than mere structures that connect different levels in a home. When designed well, they can become part of the décor and go a long way in highlighting a house’s style.

Today we want to focus on staircase designs and take a look at 14 different ones that, even though they take up very little space, are quite brag worthy.

1. A two-part design

See how beautifully this staircase with its landing fits into this narrow area. And let’s not forget about the eye-catching stone garden at the bottom bringing the entire structure to life.

2. Simplicity in wood

Wouldn’t this wooden design be ideal for a little flat in the big city? We are in love with its simplistic design and straight lines, and the way in which the warm-coated timber steps contrast with the white walls in the background.

3. A see-through railing

Transparent railings are highly recommended for small, modern staircases, as they take up even less visual space. And with glass, you can create the impression that there is no railing at all, leaving the space clearer and brighter without compromising on safety.

4. A floating feeling

At quick glance, doesn’t it look like this metal staircase is floating in mid-air, not connected to either of the floors at all? 

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5. Narrow and in the corner

These small stairs are almost hidden in a corner of the house in a rather limited space with reduced access. It is a very simple but original design, with a hollow structure underneath in which a small table with a lamp has been placed to add an interesting touch.

6. Two stairs with two styles

Here we see two separate stairs in the same house, each flaunting their own styles to perfection. The one on the left is more of a classic design with a traditional railing, while the other has an open-riser design and minimalist-type railing – an ideal design that we often get to see in small spaces.

7. Near the window

Having your staircase near a window, when possible, is most recommended, in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. See how much more charming these wooden stairs become when paired with the natural lighting flooding in from the back.

8. A spiral style

Now here we have a classic choice that’s perfect for any small space. Spiral stairs are true tried-and-tested designs that have come a long way.

9. No support at all

If there are no kiddies to watch out for in your home, how about being bold and brave with this no-railing design? So simple, elegant and open.

10. Lots of tiny details

Stairs in a U-shaped layout affords you more potential, seeing as you can add something to that middle space. Here we see how a delightful little garden ensures not only beauty, but also a batch of freshness for this home.

11. Matching your house

Another option is to choose your small house stairs to match the furniture or the other way around, depending on which comes first. In this case, the staircase matches the sofa and the rest of the house, ensuring an interior design that flows quite beautifully.

12. Two sections

An original and beautiful option is to place the steps in two directions or sections. In this way, you can play with shapes and volumes to bring dynamism to the area.

13. No touching the floor

This design has the last step hovering above the ground, ensuring a unique look that is sure to leave most guests in awe.

14. Low

It’s not always necessary for staircases to reach up to the next floor – see how this little staircase merely rises a few feet up, yet still manages to impress with its modern design and clean look. 

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Which of these staircases would look superb in your home?

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