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Fun Toddler Chairs

Steph Mann Steph Mann
Guildford Gregory Phillips Architects Modern nursery/kids room
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Toddlers have a lot of imagination and it is only right that we fuel that. Being creative with design, we can help them make up stories and have a great time. Childhood is short enough as it is, so why not make it as fun as possible for them?

We think toddlers have a hard enough time trying to adapt to the grown up world around them, so let's help them out with the small things. Things like a chair designed to their body size and not ours. Somewhere they can sit with their favourite picture book and relax after a hard day at nursery.

Beautiful Beanbags

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London HollandGreen Eclectic style nursery/kids room

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London


Toddlers love beanbags. In fact adults do too, so why not have one each? We feel these are perfect toddler chairs. They are low to the ground and really adaptable. They can fit in any space and be used by adults and children alike. Toddlers of any age can climb onto these and either fall asleep or just relax. They will melt into it and be as comfortable as you can imagine. The addition of cushions gives the beanbags a feeling of something a little more chair like and homely.

Sofa Comforts

Reflected Glory - Holland Park Renovation Tyler Mandic Ltd Modern nursery/kids room
Tyler Mandic Ltd

Reflected Glory—Holland Park Renovation

Tyler Mandic Ltd

Architects Tylermandic Ltd bring us this lovely looking room. It is beautiful and simple really. The design is very orientated towards girls. We fell in love with the little sofa. It is perfect for toddlers and young people to chill out on. We can see a toddler just sitting there with a parent reading, or with a sibling playing a game. It looks very grown up, but the proportions are perfect for toddlers. As far as a chair goes, this one looks the part.

Perfectly Placed

We think this little chair is very simple and elegant. Made from wicker, it is durable and will last from child to child. With two cushions to decorate it and make it comfortable, it is the perfect reading chair. You can change the cushions should you ever change the decor, making the chair itself really adaptable. We can imagine a little one sitting here reading their favourite book just under their bookshelf and feeling very grown up and pleased with themselves.


Nursery homify Modern nursery/kids room



This toddler room is very simple in its looks. With the white storage unit for keeping all of your toddler's toys in place. The wall paper is understated and there is nothing harsh about it on they eye. The whole space helps you feel calm and peaceful. We love the overall serenity from it. This is added to by the small toddler chair sitting very quietly under the window. With a small rabbit toy on it, you can imagine it being a favourite place for a toddler to sit whilst they are playing with their favourite toy.

Incredible Orange

We like the stark contrasts in this room. The white floor and walls are contrasted sharply by the orange and reds around them. The colours really help to bring the room to life and make it feel like a child's room rather than a grown up space. We think this egg shape chair looks like a whole lot of fun and really something that a toddler would love too. With a hooded canopy they can feel secluded and secure whilst sitting in it. They can happily sit back and relax.

Round and Round We Go!

This playroom is just utterly amazing in design. We love how much these chairs are the focus of the entire room. It is almost like the room has been designed around them. Built into the wall they are well padded and look very comfortable. Your toddler or child could easily stretch out in these or curl their legs up and around and lay in them. Or they can sit directly in them, with plenty of room beside them for you to read them their favourite bedtime story.

Toddler Chaise

Not obviously for a toddler, this room looks like it would be for an older child. However we love the chaise under the window. And there is no rule to say we can't pick one thing from one design we like and place it in another. The chaise is such a comfortable option for a toddler. They can stretch their legs out and really enjoy their sitting experience. It is the perfect place for parents to sit and enjoy some one one one time with their child too.

Multi-seater for Friends

What toddler doesn't have a lot of friends? And wouldn't it be great if they could all have somewhere to sit when they came over to play? We love this bench style chair as a toddler chair. It really does add space to the room. It has storage underneath it too making it really a great chair to have. If it isn't friends sitting on it, it could be the whole family just enjoying a book together. Whatever you use it for, it is a comfortable and great design for any child's bedroom or playroom.

Simple design

Sometimes design can be very complicated and we never underestimate the work that designers put in. In fact, one of the hardest things to do is make a design look simple, beautiful and yet be functional. This room is just that. The shelves are so simple to look at, but are really very stunning and of course they are practical. The chairs at the table are perfect toddler size chairs, as are the green ones towards the back of this room. You can tell immediately everything here is designed around younger children. We can see kids have a great time in here doing arts and crafts.

And then it went Pouffe!

Whatever interesting ideas you have for your toddler's room and their seating options, you don't always have to opt for traditional. Chairs are just something that we sit on. They don't have to fit the standard design, just like the bean bag option above. It is sometimes fun to have something a little different. Here you can see a small pouffe and it is a perfect option for a toddler, as well as an older child. These come in a variety of colours and can fit in any space. We guarantee your toddler will have great fun sitting on one.

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