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5 ultimate ensuite bathroom ideas to copy

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An ensuite is more than just a handy idea; it's an opportunity to really go to town with a personal and private haven of ablutions and tranquillity! Essentially, all those great ideas that you had for your main bathroom that never saw the light of day can be executed in your ensuite. What’s more, professional Bathroom Designers are more than happy to get onboard with whacky and wonderful plans! Why not come with us now, as we show you five of our favourite ensuite bathroom ideas and see if any of them inspire you to get a little more creative? 

1. A cacophony of grey.

Grey is one of those wonderfully timeless colours that we all know will look just as great in 50 years as it does now, which is why we love this gorgeous ensuite bathroom, which has sought to use as many hues as possible! The finished look is contemporary and cool, without being cold and has an underlying organic ambience as well, which we all know is key to any bathroom. 

2. Understated glamour.

As ensuites go, this is a fairly large one, but just look at the way that a simple and elegant design scheme has made the most of the space, without drowning it out in opulent details! Polished concrete, great lighting and plenty of storage has made this a practical room, but with some luxurious wood as well, there is a warmth that can't be ignored!

3. Sunken pleasures.

Most ensuite bathrooms tend to choose between either a shower OR a bath, but we think that is such a shame when you could have both! This room is incredible, with atmospheric tub lighting, luxurious marble tiles and innovative inset shelving all bowing down to the sunken bath design! Delightfully decadent!

4. No clear divide.

WOW. We realise that this idea is less about the finished look of the ensuite and more about how it connects to the master bedroom itself, but seriously; what a great idea! By removing the solid division between rooms, there is an increased sense of intimacy, which we think is absolutely wonderful. Every day would be a honeymoon!

5. Built for two.

Ensuite bathrooms might be something of an indulgence and a romantic space, but let's not overlook the innate need for practicality! We think that including dual sinks and a large tub is a fantastic way to ensure that everybody can go about their business, without having to wait for their partner. We all know that the morning is ripe for arguments and tempers flaring, so cutting the risk is always a good plan!

More ensuite ideas: Space and style

Not that this bathroom has any worries about being deemed too small, but what are you to do if your ensuite bathroom is not the spacious oasis you’ve dreamed of? Your best bet would be to opt for a soft and neutral colour palette (think whites, light greys, soft beiges… ), pair that with decent (and layered) lighting, and don’t forget a minimalist-like approach to clear spaces and accessories. 

More ensuite ideas: Up the elegance

Drummonds Case Study: Georgian Farmhouse, Surrey Drummonds Bathrooms BathroomBathtubs & showers
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: Georgian Farmhouse, Surrey

Drummonds Bathrooms

We know that bathrooms are private spaces and that not necessarily every visitor to your home will get to see your bathroom. But that is no reason to bestow a dull style onto your ensuite bathroom. And luckily, you don't need plenty of legroom (or big, sturdy design budgets) to make a bathroom look a tad fancier than it really is. Even if it's just one wow-worthy piece you're adding, like a striking chandelier or golden finishes and -trims for your freestanding tub…  

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How would you style up your ensuite bathroom? 
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